Builds for macOS ARM64 / M1 / Apple silicon have arrived

The following links point to the latest stable version compiled for macOS_ARM64. These are 3.1.x versions based on slightly newer code than the 3.0.5 version.


Compared to previous downloads, FS-UAE no longer contains an embedded Therefore, you need to download both of the .dmg files above and place FS-UAE and beside eachother, for example in the /Applications folder. I haven’t had time to fix builds of FS-UAE Arcade yet.

There are also macOS_ARM64 builds available for the 4.x development snapshots. If interested, please see this forum thread for links and more information.

FS-UAE for Mac M1 hardware?

I do get some questions asking for an FS-UAE version running natively on Apple silicon / M1. The short answer is that it is possible to build a working version for M1, but I don’t yet provide official builds due to not having access to the hardware. Please see this recent thread on the English Amiga Board for more information:

There has also been reports about joystick/gamepad devices not working on M1 hardware with FS-UAE 3.0.5. I have created newer builds – available here for now: – which are reported to fix the issue 🙂

EDIT: Official ARM64 builds for Apple silicon / M1 are coming.

Using FS-UAE on Linux with real MIDI hardware

Warren Vercueil has written a nice and thorough guide on getting FS-UAE on Linux set up with real MIDI hardware. The guide was written to use Bars and Pipes with MIDI hardware, but should work with other Amiga MIDI software as well.

Disclaimer: I haven’t tested the guide myself.

Note: If all you want to do is to play back MIDI tunes, for example to use FS-UAE to play Sierra games with MT-32 music (using an MT-32 emulator on your host computer), you should wait until FS-UAE 3.9.x arrives, which should support this use case on all platforms via the portmidi library.

FS-UAE 2.9.2dev Released

A new development version has been released. Changes in FS-UAE 2.9.2dev:

  • New boolean option warp_mode (warp_mode = 1 to start in warp mode).
  • Try ralphschmidt-cyberstorm-ppc-4471.rom if cyberstormppc.rom is not found.
  • Imported updated translations from

Changes in FS-UAE Launcher 2.9.2dev:

  • Try ralphschmidt-cyberstorm-ppc-4471.rom if cyberstormppc.rom is not found.
  • Also look for ralphschmidt-cyberstorm-ppc-4471.rom in Amiga Forever dir.
  • Fix file name when saving controller configs on macOS.
  • Fix configurations not showing up since 2.9.1dev.
  • Indicate unpublished variants in variants list.
  • When enabling “unpublished” entries, list unpublished variants last.
  • Imported updated translations from

FS-UAE 2.7.7dev Released

A new development version has been released. Changes in FS-UAE 2.7.7dev:

  • Compile with hardening disabled for Fedora 23+.
  • Automatically scan $BASE/AmigaForever/Amiga Files/Shared/rom for Kickstarts.

Changes in FS-UAE Launcher 2.7.7dev:

  • Always sort variant list in rated order from, but prefer locally available variants.
  • Automatically scan $BASE/AmigaForever/Amiga Files/Shared/rom for Kickstarts.
  • Automatically add $BASE/AmigaForever/Amiga Files to file scanner.
  • Kickstart import: Show how many ROM files were imported (or warn if none).
  • Blacklist mouse_integration from advanced settings (use per-config instead).
  • Added support for WHDLoad 18.2, set as default version.

FS-UAE 2.7.4dev Released

A new development version has been released. Changes in FS-UAE 2.7.4dev:

  • New action_mute_floppy_sounds, mapped to MOD+N by default.
  • Added support for audioprev, audionext, audiostop, audioplay keys.
  • Map audioprev, audionext and audioplay to disk swapper actions by default.
  • Show on-screen messages when using disk swapper prev/next/insert actions.
  • New option relative_paths (see docs).
  • Support for three additional custom “joystick ports” (maps to Amiga keys).
  • Also recognize .ipf and .dms floppy paths as standalone parameters.
  • Fixed building with ./configure –disable-drivesound –disable-slirp –disable-prowizard –disable-cdtv –disable-savestate –disable-parallel-port and others.
  • Can build with many CPU emu cores disabled.
  • Some cleanup in the configure script.
  • Remove dependency on GLU.
  • Do not use built-in libmpeg2.
  • Imported updated translations from
  • Updated emulation core from WinUAE 3200b18.

Changes in FS-UAE Launcher 2.7.4dev:

  • Fixed bug when base-dir in config file had a trailing slash.
  • Imported updated translations from