FS-UAE 0.9.10 Released

Changes in version 0.9.10:

  • Scanline effect support (see example.conf).
  • New frame limiting logic in libfsemu.
  • Auto-grab input on mouse click.
  • Click middle-mouse button to release input grab.
  • Xbox 360 Wireless Controller configuration for Mac OS X (from Aequitas).
  • Updated configuration for Logitech Extreme 3D PRO.
  • Fix crash in Linux version caused by g_set_prgname not being called.
  • Log file is now saved to (My) Documents/FS-UAE/Logs/FS-UAE.log
  • Log file directory is configurable.
  • Multiple mice can be used (in net play) -useful for Lemmings.
  • New joystick port values: amiga_mouse, amiga_joystick and nothing.
  • Send protocol version and emulation core version to netplay server.
  • Fixed a bug where data were written to both floppy overlay files and original ADF files.
  • Fix A1200 model with accuracy < 1 (now runs in “fastest possible” mode, but cannot be used with full video sync).
  • Option bsdsocket_library to enable bsdsocket.library emulation (Mac/Linux only for now).
  • A1200/020 model with 0 MB Z3 RAM as default, but allows the option zorro_iii_memory to be used.
  • Serial port (dummy) emulation enabled, allows AROS kickstart to boot.
  • Fix bug related to path expansion and directories.
  • Unified configuration (config file and –key=value parameters). –key=value parameters overrides values from config file.
  • Section names are ignored in config file now (but key/values must still be in a section, for instance [config]). Old config files should still work as before.
  • Old –fullscreen parameter is no longer valid, use –fullscreen=1 instead
  • Support hard disk files in RDB format (same config option as regular HDF files – RDB format is automatically recognized).
  • Grabbing input on startup is optional (see example.conf).
  • Keys are now “positionally” mapped (as much as possible) from host keyboard to amiga keys (some exceptions because of physically different layout: home = lparen, page up = rparen, delete = del, end = help, insert is mapped to the amiga key to the left of backspace, and page down to right amiga key in case the host keyboard has no right windows/apple/menu key).
  • Use only scancodes on Linux, (and almost entirely on Mac too).
  • Use rawinput in Windows for keyboard support.
  • Make caps lock a proper toggle button.
  • Added an application icon.
  • fs-uae.app renamed to FS-UAE.app, fs-uae.exe is now FS-UAE.exe.
  • New config icon for Mac OS X.
  • Associate .fs-uae files with FS-UAE on Mac OS X.
  • Can override controller configurations by placing configs files in new
  • FS-UAE/Controllers directory (+ option to configure this directory).
  • New configuration option: audio/floppy_drive_volume
  • New configuration option: paths/base_dir
  • Ported updated caps code from WinUAE.
  • NTSC mode added (see example.conf) -was really added in 0.9.8, but omitted from changelog.

Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

The Xbox 360 wireless controller is supported on all operating systems if you have a wireless receiver.


Should work out of the box (but you might to have install driver for the wireless receiver first!).



Should work out of the box, but note that the button mapping can be wrong if you are running an older release of Linux, in which case you must create a custom config.


Mac OS X

Requires a custom driver to be installed. This driver can be downloaded here: http://tattiebogle.net/index.php/ProjectRoot/Xbox360Controller/OsxDriver