FS-UAE 2.3.7dev Released

A new development version has been released. Changes in FS-UAE 2.3.7dev:

  • New utility program: fs-uae-device-helper (used by FS-UAE Launcher).
  • (Launcher) pygame is no longer an dependency, joystick event detection for mapping purposes is done via fs-uae-device-helper.
  • (Launcher) Program startup and focus issue should be fixed on OS X.
  • (Launcher) Added language preference page.
  • (Launcher) ADF & HDF Creator split into two, and they are now non-modal.
  • (Launcher) Joystick config tool shows existing config when opening (only when the user has already configured it, bundled config is not shown yet).
  • (Launcher) Joystick device for mapping is selected in joystick prefs.
  • (Launcher) Completed porting to QT (using pyside bindings for Python).
  • (Launcher) Old wxPython GUI layer still exists (–wx) but not 100% updated.
  • (Launcher) Input Settings prefs page split into mouse and keyboard.
  • (Launcher) Fixed bug when choosing a zip with select multiple floppies.
  • (Launcher) Search-as-you type could in some case return multiple entries for the same game.
  • (Launcher) Updated don’t checksum BSD device nodes code [vext01].

Packagers should see this post: Packaging changes (important information for packagers).