FS-UAE Amiga Emulator

Donate to FS-UAE Development

I have been asked if there is a way to donate to FS-UAE development, and now there is :) I have set up a donation system via PayPal:

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FS-UAE is a hobby project, and should remain that way. I won't accept donations with strings attached or as some kind of payment for future features. Donations will be used to recover expenses or however I see fit :). Unless you ask me not to, I will add your name to the list of contributors when you make a donation. Also, If you change your mind within a reasonable amount of time, I will refund your donation.

Other Ways to Contribute

You do not have to donate to use FS-UAE. It is already open source / free software and you can do what you like with it (within the terms of the license). If you want to contribute to the project, there are other ways to help as well:

If you want to support general Amiga emulation development, also consider making a donation for WinUAE development (I have). Emulation accuracy improvements in WinUAE will benefit FS-UAE as well due to code sharing.