FS-UAE 2.8.3 Released

A new stable version has been released. Changes in FS-UAE 2.8.3:

  • Fix decoding on non-ascii %-escaped file names on directory HDs.
  • Fixed caps lock.
  • Imported updated translations from crowdin.com.

Changes in FS-UAE Launcher 2.8.3:

  • Show error message when version started is too old (cannot read databases).
  • Fixed save state dir when starting with UUID parameter.
  • CDTV games (from database) did not set CDTV model.
  • Imported updated translations from crowdin.com.

Additionally, the macOS versions are now distributed as signed .dmg images to please macOS Sierra’s Gatekeeper.

FS-UAE 2.8.2 Released

A new stable version has been released.

Changes in FS-UAE Launcher 2.8.2:

  • New option whdload_boot_dir must be used to enable an old feature, previously it was enabled by the presence of Hard Drives/WHDLoad.

Changes in FS-UAE Arcade 2.8.2:

  • Allow mouse to be used to activate the close button.
  • Show mouse cursor briefly when moving the mouse.

New versions of CAPSImg and QEMU-UAE plugins are available. Mostly to fix an issue with plugins on 64-bit macOS (macOS users must update to the new plugin versions).

FS-UAE 2.8.1 Released

A new stable version has been released. Changes in FS-UAE 2.8.1:

  • Alt+F4 and Cmd+Q will no longer quit FS-UAE (in full keyboard emulation mode).
  • Use raw input on Windows again (allows grabbing of Windows keys, etc).
  • New option raw_input = 0 will disable use of raw input for keyboard.
  • Fixed loading shaders from fs-uae.dat.
  • Updated Xbox 360 configs for Linux.

Changes in FS-UAE Launcher 2.8.1:

  • Fixed problem where rating could be reset for first loaded game/variant.
  • New experimental option: relative_temp_feature.

Changes in FS-UAE Arcade 2.8.1:

  • Added stretch / keep aspect toggle button to top right menu.
  • Added V-Sync toggle button to top right menu.
  • Ability to see and change variant before starting the game.
  • Make menu rendering conformant to FS-UAE style.
  • More transition animations.
  • New cover rendering for non-portrait covers.
  • Use --platform= to start with a given platform filter, e.g. --platform=cd32.
  • Variant sort order fixed to be same as in FS-UAE Launcher.
  • Fixed arrow keys for FS-UAE Arcade on MacOS.
  • Reversed position of platform and publisher names.

FS-UAE 2.6.2 Released

FS-UAE 2.6.2 is a minor bugfix release. Changes include:

  • Do not use built-in libmpeg2.
  • Fixed crash (abort) with A1200 Blizzard CPU board models.
  • Added more gamepad controller configurations.
  • Fixed non-blocking socket I/O support in bsdsocket_posix [Jens Maus].
  • Imported updated translations from crowdin.com.

And for FS-UAE Launcher:

  • Fixed /hostgame netplay command (server was started on wrong port).
  • Imported updated translations from crowdin.com.

FS-UAE 2.6.1 Released

I am pleased to announce the release of FS-UAE 2.6.1 🙂

Improvements over version 2.4.x include:

  • Updated emulation code from WinUAE 3.1.0.
  • Support for PPC emulation (can run AmigaOS 4.x) via QEMU-UAE plugin.
  • More emulated hardware support (Toccata, A2061, Picasso IV, …).
  • Better support for modern OS versions due to using SDL 2.0.
  • Built-in support for multiple displays, and fixes for HiDPI displays.
  • The Launcher supports modern OS versions better due to using QT 5.x.
  • Much improved FS-UAE Launcher user interface.
  • FS-UAE mouse integration (Workbench cursor follows host cursor).
  • Updated internal kickstart replacement from AROS.
  • Dual joystick/mouse mode for joystick port 0.
  • Official builds for SteamOS (Linux + Steam runtime).
  • OS X apps are now digitally signed (Apple Developer ID).
  • Support for JIT direct memory access (much faster JIT).
  • Many bug fixes.
  • … and a lot of other improvements. See the changelog entries for all the details.

Support for IPF disk images is now provided by a plugin which you need to download separately.

FS-UAE 2.4.3 Released

A bugfix release (2.4.3) has been issued for the stable series of FS-UAE. This version fixes a bug which causes a crash in FS-UAE on Linux with recent official NVIDIA drivers. Windows and OS X users do not need to update (and I will not provide updated builds for those platforms either). Source code is available here: http://fs-uae.net/stable/2.4.3/.

Many thanks to NVIDIA which actually tracked down the bug in FS-UAE! The problem was an unused function (mprotected), a legacy from older WinUAE code, which was exported and caused the NVIDIA drivers to load this function instead of the correct one from libc. I’m quite impressed that they contacted me with information about the bug, and I think this shows how serious they are about their Linux drivers 🙂

The latest development versions are not affected by this problem (the function has already been removed, and also, symbols are no longer exported by default).

FS-UAE 2.4.1 Released

A new stable version has been released. Changes in FS-UAE 2.4.1:

  • (Launcher) Fixed a bug preventing hd_requirements = workbench from working.
  • (Launcher) Fixed a bug which is also a syntax error with Python < v2.7.
  • (Launcher) Fixed a potential startup problem when PATH has non-ASCII characters.
  • (Arcade) Fixed a bug related to non-ASCII characters in joystick names.

Updated translations have also been pulled in from https://crowdin.net/project/fs-uae.