FS-UAE 2.7.7dev Released

A new development version has been released. Changes in FS-UAE 2.7.7dev:

  • Compile with hardening disabled for Fedora 23+.
  • Automatically scan $BASE/AmigaForever/Amiga Files/Shared/rom for Kickstarts.

Changes in FS-UAE Launcher 2.7.7dev:

  • Always sort variant list in rated order from oagd.net, but prefer locally available variants.
  • Automatically scan $BASE/AmigaForever/Amiga Files/Shared/rom for Kickstarts.
  • Automatically add $BASE/AmigaForever/Amiga Files to file scanner.
  • Kickstart import: Show how many ROM files were imported (or warn if none).
  • Blacklist mouse_integration from advanced settings (use per-config instead).
  • Added support for WHDLoad 18.2, set as default version.

8 thoughts on “FS-UAE 2.7.7dev Released

  1. Thanks for your hard work on this- you’ve done a great job. I’m running 3.9 with PPC extensions and it’s working beautifully.

  2. follow-up question.
    i’m seeing jit is either disabled or non-functioning on OSX. would there be a chance to enable it? or is there a way i could assist you so that this engine could be turned on?

    right now UAE dies immediately the moment JIT is enabled in configuration file.

    • Hi, the JIT works fine on OS X except for some users, depending on where in the address space “32-bit memory” is allocated. I haven’t created a workaround for this issue yet. I presume you are using the x86-64 version? Until the issue is fixed, you should be able to use the x86 (32-bit) version instead.

      • Thank you!

        I was hoping to dive into the details myself, but got stuck with SDL graphics not exactly working for me (blank screen or window). What you mentioned just made me think that perhaps a simple mmap() would suffice – i’d have tried it at home but – well – SDL. I assume you use macports to build the osx version, am I right?

        I’ll be sure to try the 32bit version tonight. Thank you for the hint!

        • Yes, I am using mmap of course 🙂 The problems arise because I need to allocate a large amount of virtual memory for Amiga memory space, which makes it harder to find available memory for smaller allocations – I must probe specific memory addresses to see if I can successfully allocate memory there. This is needed because FS-UAE needs allocated memory to be below 0xffffffff for JIT.

  3. Thank you! The development version solves a lot of problems I had with release on OSX.
    I love this project – thank you for working on it!

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