GCC Compiler for AmigaOS/m68k

Krystian Bacławski has created a very nice build system and patch set to allow GCC 2.95 (cross-compiler for AmigaOS/m68k plus related tools) to be installed on recent operating systems. GCC 4.x does no longer support compilation for AmigaOS/m68k, so being able to easily install GCC 2.95 again is very nice. Compiling the old GNU tools on modern systems is not easy, so I’m sure Krystian has put a lot of effort into this -so thanks 🙂 The cross-compiler environment contains all required Amiga headers and libraries, and vbcc too!

To make it even easier to use, I have published pre-compiled Linux binaries. I plan to follow up with OS X binaries later.

FS-UAE 2.4 Beta 2

A new beta version has been released. Changes in FS-UAE 2.3.99beta2 (“FS-UAE 2.4 Beta 2”):

  • Inhibit screen saver / power saving when running FS-UAE on OS X.
  • (Launcher) Adult filter for game database, enabled by default.
  • (Launcher) Use search term tag:adult to show adult games.
  • (Launcher) New option database_show_adult to show adult games by default.
  • (Launcher) Can search for quoted words to require exact word match.
  • (Launcher) Fixed some translated strings used incorrectly.
  • (Launcher) Updated translations: pl [grimi], fi [Goingdown], it [Speedvicio].
  • (Arcade) On Linux, only set FS-UAE fullscreen mode to window if is not specifically set to anything (allows fullscreen_mode = fullscreen).

Please see the preliminary release notes for FS-UAE 2.4 for information about what’s new if you are upgrading from FS-UAE 2.2.x.

FS-UAE 2.4 Beta

A beta version of FS-UAE 2.4 (2.3.99beta1) is now available! Please see the preliminary release notes for FS-UAE 2.4 for information about what’s new – and a couple of useful things to know when you are upgrading. The beta version is stable, and compared to version 2.2.3 it contains new features, many improvements and several bug fixes. Not all translations are complete in the beta version.

Tutorials for Installing ClassicWB and AmiKit

I’ve written a couple of tutorials for FS-UAE. The two first tutorials on-line are:

The tutorials contain step-by-step instructions with illustrations. I would appreciate some feedback on whether such tutorials are useful to FS-UAE users (and of good enough quality). If so, I can create more tutorials and how-tos 🙂 – If not, I would just be wasting my time!

FS-UAE 2.3.17dev Released

A new development version has been released. Changes in FS-UAE 2.3.17dev:

  • Remove old log file paths so they’ll not be mistaken for current logs.
  • Fix initial mute when option volume is set to 0.
  • Updated translations: fi [Goingdown], pl [grimi], fr [Foul].
  • (Launcher) Option download_file from DB does not have to be an archive.
  • (Launcher) Fixed bug when doubleclicking on an URI in the floppy list.
  • (Launcher) Fixed bug with selecting multiple files [2.3.16].
  • (Launcher) Fixed trailing colon in translatiion of option description.
  • (Launcher) Updated translations: fi [Goingdown], pl [grimi], fr [Foul].

Changes in FS-UAE 2.3.16dev:

  • (Launcher) Always include Configurations directory in file scan regardless of scan dirs.
  • (Launcher) Make file picker code compatible with both PySide and PyQT4.
  • (Launcher) Added support for WHDLoad 17.2, set as default WHDLoad version.
  • (Arcade) Fixed bug preventing games from launching.