FS-UAE 2.5.20dev Released

A new development version has been released. Changes in FS-UAE 2.5.20dev:

  • Use qemu-uae for slirp support.
  • Added support for softfloat library (not tested).
  • Enabled support for prowizard module ripper.
  • New action “action_module_ripper” available for custom input mapping.
  • A few other bugfixes.

Starting with this development version, packages will also be available for Ubuntu 14.10 and openSUSE 13.2.

Development Builds

A short update on what binary builds I publish for FS-UAE dev (now, and in the near future):

  • Windows XP or newer
  • Mac OS X (currently 10.8+ and > Core 2 Duo CPU *)
  • Ubuntu 13.10
  • Ubuntu 14.04
  • Debian 7.0
  • Fedora 20
  • openSUSE 13.1 (+ Factory and Thumbleweed)

Support for older Linux distribution releases is removed due to not having recent enough libraries. (*) Later Mac OS X builds will probably revert to the previous system requirements (10.6+).

Builds for other Linux distributions (and BSDs) may or may not be available from your favourite contributor package system / ports tree 🙂

FS-UAE 2.5.0dev Released

A new development version has been released. Changes in FS-UAE 2.5.0dev:

  • UAE core code updated from WinUAE 2.7.1b9.
  • FS-UAE can use 256 kB chip RAM (and also 128 if you *really* want to).
  • Inhibit screen saver / power saving when running FS-UAE on OS X.
  • Allow short-hand –video-sync(=1/0) option
  • Use floating point control register, output compiler warning when not.
  • Added flush_log boolean option to flush log output after each log line.
  • New UAE Native Interface (via built-in uaenative.library).
  • Enforcer / AHI interface is added (but with a dummy AHI backend).
  • Support for old WinUAE-style native calls.
  • Code cleanup in UAE code to reduce the number of compiler warnings.
  • Removed some unused source files from the source archive.
  • Auto-generated source files are now auto-generated when compiling on all platforms, and not cached in the source archives any longer.
  • Fixes to allow FS-UAE to be compiled with the lastest MinGW version.
  • Updated translations: it [Speedvicio], es [albconde], da [tomse], nb.

Changes in FS-UAE Launcher 2.5.0dev:

  • Windows portable version didn’t store relative paths.
  • Properly locate A500 kickstart on first startup when it exists.
  • Don’t refresh the online database when running the file scanner.
  • Game database changes for better forward compatibility.
  • Adult filter for game database, enabled by default.
  • Use search term tag:adult to show adult games.
  • New option database_show_adult to show adult games by default.
  • Can search for quoted words to require exact word match.
  • Fixed some translated strings used incorrectly.
  • Updated translations: pl [grimi].
  • Fixed multiple file selection when using PyQt.
  • Added 256 kB chip RAM to the chip memory selector.
  • Updated translations: de [jbl007], es [albconde], it [Speedvicio], da [tomse], nb.
  • (Arcade) Fixed missing ext rom problem when starting CD32 games.
  • (Arcade) Fixed repeat problem when navigating with joystick hats.
  • (Arcade) Fixed a bug related to non-ASCII characters in joystick names.
  • Fixed a bug preventing hd_requirements = workbench from working.
  • Fixed a bug which is also a syntax error with Python < v2.7.
  • Fixed a potential startup problem when PATH has non-ASCII characters.

FS-UAE 2.3.9dev Released

A new development version has been released. Changes in FS-UAE 2.3.9dev:

  • Add build support for kFreeBSD [glaubitz].
  • Add generic maccess.h defines for “other” architectures [glaubitz].
  • Better code to disable the JIT compiler on non-i386 architectures [glaubitz].
  • Added contrib/sinc-integral.py to source distribution (Debian compliance).
  • Removed catweasel code from source distribution (Debian compliance).
  • Also check for $executable_path/../../Config.fs-uae on OS X.
  • Gracefully handle it when xrandr executable is not found.
  • New translations: da [tomse].
  • Updated translations: de [TCD].
  • (Launcher) Fixed a rendering issue with the tab panel.
  • (Launcher) Fixed rendering of local config/variant name in config list.
  • (Launcher) CD32 FMV ROM is properly used again when CD32/FMV model is used.
  • (Launcher) Allow server to reset local game database when necessary.
  • (Launcher) Fixed bug when last letter in search term is n.
  • (Launcher) Set explicit min width for ADF/HDF creator size field.
  • (Launcher) Allow (Qt) list items to be activated with enter.
  • (Launcher) OAGD.net Locker Uploader implemented.
  • (Launcher) Fixed bug with indexing files in archives somewhere within a directory called #.
  • (Launcher) SetPatch can be extracted on demand from disk in locker.
  • (Launcher) Minor GUI tweaks and improvements here and there.
  • (Launcher) More code restructuring for sharing between launcher and gc.
  • (Launcher) New translations: da [tomse].
  • (Launcher) Updated translations: de [TCD], it [Speedvicio], nb.
  • (Game Center) Search-as-you type (just start typing to activate search).
  • (Game Center) Only show db configs (local ones don’t work now anyway).

Thanks to JetBrains for PyCharm License

A while ago, I applied for and got a free license for PyCharm from JetBrains (through their Open Source licensing program). It is now my preferred coding environment when working on FS-UAE Launcher and FS-UAE Game Center, I’m generally very satisfied with the code inspection and refactoring options (certainly the best I have seen in a Python IDE). So I just wanted to say thanks 🙂

FS-UAE on Ubuntu 13.04

I upgraded to Ubuntu 13.04 a while ago, and were curious to see how well FS-UAE runs on the current version of Unity (the default desktop in Ubuntu). Unfortunately, it does not run that well by default (same as 12.10).

The problem is really only in windowed mode. FS-UAE syncs to vblank by default, and in combination with the Unity compositing / indirect rendering, the performance is bad, with laggy / choppy rendering (1). When using video_sync = off, the performance is “normal”. On the bright side, full-screen performance seems to be improved when syncing to vblank.

Let’s hope Ubuntu / Canonical manage to fix the OpenGL support with Mir (though I would rather see them joining forces with Wayland). For the time being, I’m using the MATE desktop on Ubuntu. Without any compositing / desktop effects, OpenGL performance is nice, and FS-UAE frame rates are as smooth as can be (2) 🙂

(1) With official closed-source Nvidia drivers.
(2) With monitor running @50Hz of course.

FS-UAE for Ubuntu 13.04 is available from a PPA.

Live Support

For live support, you can connect to the IRC support channel directly from your web browser: Enter live support channel. The most likely time to get help is during the evening (UTC+1), but there may be people around to help at other times as well.

You can also use a regular IRC client – join channel #FS-UAE on server irc.abime.net.

FS-UAE 2.1.20dev Released

A new development version has been released. Changes in FS-UAE 2.1.20dev:

  • Implemented bsdsocket_library support for Windows.
  • New LED/overlays: CDTV/32 memory access, vsync, fps, audio.
  • Flicker CD LED instead of HD LED when CDFS is used.
  • New modes for LED / overlays (overlays can have several states).
  • Improved scanline renderer (but also more resource hungry..), may become optional or rewritten as a GPU shader.
  • Fixed bug selecting joystick port mode for port > 0 (2.1.19).
  • Fixed stuttering in RTG modes (2.1.19).
  • Fixed scanline rendering on bigendian computers (PPC).
  • Clear video buffer on target_graphics_buffer_update, e.g. when display mode switches from PAL to NTSC. Fixes garbled graphics on bottom of display.
  • Allow theme config to overwrite (default) values set by Launcher.
  • (Launcher) Removed unnused dependency on Python Imaging (PIL).

Workaround for 50Hz on Linux with Recent nVIDIA Drivers

Since upgrading to Ubuntu 12.10 (with upgraded nVIDIA drivers), I have no longer been able to use 1920×1080 @ 50 Hz. I can run xrandr -r 50 without errors -and the screen turns off/on again, but the screen is still running at 60 Hz afterwards (and xrandr itself confirms this). I could of course (probably) have downgraded the drivers, but I didn’t..

I have however just now found a workaround, I can successfully switch to my defined 50 Hz mode with the nvidia-settings program, like this:

nvidia-settings -a CurrentMetaMode=1920x1080_50_0

And to switch back to 60 Hz:

nvidia-settings -a CurrentMetaMode=1920x1080_60_0

This requires that valid modelines are defined with the names 1920x1080_50_0 and 1920x1080_60_0. See 50Hz Display Modes on Linux with nVIDIA Drivers fore more information.

My original problem is also reported by someone else:

“When trying to change refresh rate the screen goes blank for a second as it usually does but rate is not changed. Both xrandr and nvidia-settings show the old refresh rate still.”

The report got the following response:

“Thanks for reporting this. I can confirm that, at least on my system, the –rate option seems to be ineffective on a recent 304 driver. I’ve filed NVIDIA bug 1054623. Feel free to use this bug number in future inquiries about this issue.”

FS-UAE 2.1.16dev Released

A new development version has been released. Changes in FS-UAE 2.1.16dev:

  • (Launcher) Only show variant name (without game name) in variant list.
  • (Launcher) New horizontal layout for game/variants lists.
  • (Launcher) Variant list now disappears when choosing a non-database entry.
  • (Launcher) Render square covers inside a portrait cover.
  • (Launcher) Better differentiation of game and variant info.
  • (Launcher) Adjusted screenshot sizes for 1920×1080 maximized.
  • (Launcher) You can click on the screenshot area to show the other screenshots, if not all are shown.
  • (Launcher) Automatically extract SetPatch from WB disks for WHDLoad.
  • (Launcher) Copy WHDLoad.key from base dir (Documents/FS-UAE) if found.
  • (Launcher) Documents/FS-UAE/WHDLoad dir not needed/supported anymore, but you can put files to merge in Documents/FS-UAE/Hard Drives/WHDLoad instead if needed.
  • (Launcher) Updated translations: pl [grimi], de [nexusle].

Would You Use and/or Contribute to a Game Database?

FS-UAE Launcher Database

FS-UAE Launcher currently supports using a game database to automatically find games you have by scanning your directories for known disk images and/or WHDLoad games, but it is currently a bit difficult for people to contribute to this database -this needs to be much easier!

You should vote here if you would like to see this feature developed further -or if you think this is a waste of time!

Current features include:

  • Scan a list of directories and look for known files
  •  Found games are automatically added to the game list in the launcher.
  • Show cover, title and screenshots for known games.
  • Floppy-based games in ADF and IPF format are supported
  • Files are identified and found by checksum, not name, so you organize your files as you see fit, and don’t need to constantly rename files according to DAT files or similar.
  • WHDLoad games are supported -WHDLoad games can be zipped or unzipped, the launcher can find the individual files on disk (or in archives) and re-assemble the WHDLoad game on launch.
  • Files inside zip archives are also indexes, and are temporarily extracted on demand.

Thousands of game entries have been automatically created by an algorithm looking at (among other sources) the TOSEC dat files to get a starting point. But of course, not all these configurations work out of the box. Special configuration may be needed. So to get a quality database, humans must test and improve the entries.

I propose a system where the launcher automatically synchronizes game entries from a central server, and where anyone can make modifications to game entries in the FS-UAE Launcher GUI, register an account on the server, and have FS-UAE Launcher submit the fixes to the central server so everyone will benefit from the improvements. This includes specifying custom configuration (if needed) and submitting images.

  • The central server will keep history for all changes, so changes can be easily reverted.
  • The list of changes will be used to download incremental updates to the database.
  • It will be possible to have local overrides for specific configuration values and/or images.
  • Images can be downloaded on demand (and cached), so the launcher does not need to download a huge data set to get started.
  • This is mainly a configuration database, and it is not intenteded to compete with Hall Of Light or Lemon Amiga for collecting detailed metadata. A minimal set of metadata (year, publisher, etc) is of course relevant, but for extended information, links til HOL/LemonAmiga will be associated with entries.

The database includes many variations of the same games (for instance multiple cracked versions from the TOSEC set). I propose some kind of voting/rating/like system, so only the most popular variants are showed in the launcher by default if you have many variants available (configurable by the user, of course).

The license for the database should be a quite liberal license (a Creative Commons variant?) to allow other projects to use the information as well. It does not make sense (IMO) to build such a database and then try to limit the usability.

It only makes sense to build infrastructure for this if people are interested in contributing.

You should vote if you would like to see this feature developed (and also perhaps subscribe to the thread if you want to follow the discussion)

Repository Update 2

Repository paths have change a bit, as i wanted to by able to have non-fs-uae-specific repositories for future projects, and better to change this now than later, before more people are affected. Development packages for Ubuntu is now located in:


And repositories managed by OpenSUSE build service is now located here:


Sorry for the inconvenience. I don’t plan to change this again (except that stable packages will be published in corresponding stable repositories).

Repository Update

The public git repository was recently updated to reflect my own development environment better. Version numbers are now not updated in all places on version number bump, only the VERSION file is updated. Run “make dist” to get a new sub-dir with clean source and version numbers correctly updated in all files, or you can use windows.mk, macosx.mk, debian.mk etc to build releases. Building the workspace with “make” works just fine, but the version number is then fixed as “9.8.7”.

This repo update is also related to the fact that the official releases are from now on automatically built from the repo on google code (branch “release-devel”) using build slaves connected to a jenkins instance.

Please note that the repository URLs on opensuse build service will change (for a proper split between stable / devel releases once 2.0 is out). New repository base for the development releases is: http://download.opensuse.org/reposit…/fs-uae-devel/. Similarly, if some of you track directory content; devel releases on fengestad.no will be put in http://fengestad.no/fs-uae/devel/

I’m also experimenting with PPA builds for Ubuntu: development version PPA is available at https://launchpad.net/~fengestad/+archive/devel (not all amd64 packages are done building yet).

All this just means that I can spent a little less time pushing out releases and more time coding. Also, occasionally forgetting to push the source code or publish update for a given platform should not be a problem any more 😉

Towards FS-UAE 2.0

I am now planning a new stable release. There is too much good stuff in 1.3.x which is not available in 1.2.x – especially the launcher, since this is very useful for casual setup and especially for beginners. The reason I’m thinking of bumping the version number to 2.0 instead of 1.4 is because I feel the inclusion of the launcher represents a great leap in functionality (for those interested).

I’m quite happy with the state of FS-UAE itself for 2.0, but I think the launcher needs some more work and polish before it should be heavily promoted to newcomers to FS-UAE.

I have assembled a list of stuff I think should be done before 2.0 can be released. I would very much like feedback if you know something of else which should be fixed or implemented first.

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