Updated FS-UAE Launcher with translations

Translations were missing from FS-UAE Launcher on Windows and Linux, so I’ve posted new versions with translations included

Also, due to changes in SDL2, some controllers (Xbox controllers at least) have new IDs and the bundled controller mappings no longer match. So you need to remap your controller in Launcher settings if you cannot utilize all buttons anymore. I’ll see if I can get new controller configs included in an update!

Updated stable builds for Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian and openSUSE

Fresh builds of version 3.1 are now available for Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian and openSUSE. Go to the download page to find the commands to add the repositories.

The repositories are all hosted by the openSUSE Build Service. Previously, I’ve also pushed out builds via Ubuntu’s PPA service, but I will most likely not continue doing this since it is easier for me do to distribute everything via this single service.

FS-UAE 3.1

I have made a post over at the English Amiga Board with links to FS-UAE & Launcher version 3.1. I recommend that most users using 3.0.5 upgrade to this version. I haven’t updated the downloads section here yet, among other things because there isn’t an installer available yet. But it’s still easy to download and install version 3.1.

It is especially recommended for macOS users to upgrade, as this latest version fixes some annoying issues on recent macOS versions.