Documentation topics are available from the documentation menu to the right. Some common issues and questions are answered here in FAQ and Troubleshooting.

If you have just installed FS-UAE, you might want to take a look at the getting started-guide first! As the getting started-guide mentions, you should ideally have Kickstart ROMs for the Amigas you want to emulate.

While you are running the emulator, you can open the FS-UAE menu or use keyboard shortcuts to control the emulator.

Configuration Files

If you use FS-UAE Launcher, you don’t have worry about configuration files, but when you use FS-UAE directly, you need to specify options either as program arguments or via configuration files.

88 thoughts on “Documentation

  1. Hey mate.

    Im using mac os x 10.6.8.

    I was hoping you could direct me to a older version of the uae software so I can use it on my mac.

    Thank you

  2. Hi, happy new year !
    thanks for your great work!
    I’m adding manually Demos to the FS-UAE launcher, with these names: “- Demo – Groupname – Demoname (YY-MM-DD)”
    I made a mistake while typing the name, and I can’t find an option to remove manually the entry, is there a solution ?

  3. Greetings! Thanks for developing such a great product!
    However, having issues using with my MacBook Pro (OS X 10.11.6)
    Not able to pull-up the FS-UAE menu (to swap out disks, etc..)
    Tried CMD+FN+F12, every other combination, does not work….
    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hmm, not really, any custom software being used to remap keys perphaps?

      You can change the menu key though, for example (put it in Advanced Settings in FS-UAE Launcher):
      keyboard_key_mod_m = action_menu
      Then you should be able to use Cmd+M to open/close the menu.

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