FS-UAE 2.1.4dev Released

A new development version has been released. Changes in FS-UAE 2.1.4dev:

  • Merged updated emulation core from WinUAE 2.5.0beta26.
  • Add support for displaying HD/CD/Power leds in themes.
  • Added new option: swap_ctrl_keys.
  • Automatically configure unrecognized joysticks/gamepads as simple Amiga joysticks.
  • Fixes to allow compilation on OpenBSD [vext01].
  • Added translations: es [albconde].
  • Updated translations: fr [Foul], sr [Milanchez].
  • Using directory prefix $BASE/ caused one character to be cut off.
  • Fixed Launcher-created joystick config when using 2+ of the same type.
  • Support environment variable FS_UAE_BASE_DIR.
  • (Launcher) Fixed problem starting joystick configurator on Mac.
  • (Launcher) GUI setting for swap left/right ctrl keys.
  • (Launcher) Support environment variable FS_UAE_BASE_DIR.
  • (Launcher) Fix for non-ASCII characters in joystick device names.
  • (Launcher) Can set option __netplay_state_dir_name with /set to force a specific state dir for net play, for persistent states.
  • (Launcher) URLs for floppies/HDs can be synchronized, so net play-compatible configs can be created for downloadable public domain / shareware games.
  • (Launcher) Can override screenshots_dir, covers_dir, titles_dir in config.
  • (Launcher) Can use title_image, cover_image, screen1_image (…) to override path for individual images.
  • (Launcher) Can prefix paths with $CONFIG/ (referring to the directory containing the current configuration file).
  • (Launcher) Added translations: es [albconde].
  • (Launcher) Updated translations: pl [grimi], it [Speedvicio], fr [Foul], sr [Milanchez].

FS-UAE 2.1.3dev Released

A new development version has been released. Changes in FS-UAE 2.1.3dev:

  • New option “mouse_speed” – set mouse speed in percentage (1-500).
  • Escape key can be used to navigate back and exit FS-UAE menu.
  • Use new state subdirs based on configuration name by default. New options state_dir and state_dir_name to tweak the new behavior.
  • Remove use of “Floppy Overlays” and “Flash Memory” dirs, save files in state directory instead (same as launcher already does).
  • Will autoload saved state if “Saved State.uss” exists in state dir.
  • Merged updated emulation core from WinUAE 2.5.0beta24.
  • New option middle_click_ungrab (can be set to 0).
  • Updated translations: pl [grimi], de [nexusle].
  • Patch amiga-os-310.rom to default A4000 rom on demand.
  • Removed the default slight gamma correction which was applied before.
  • (Launcher) Automatically fill in WHDLoad Arguments when zip file is loaded.
  • (Launcher) Screenshots/titles/covers don’t need to be put in letter subdirs.
  • (Launcher) Use direct subdirs in save states dir, don’t add letter unless an old state dir already exists.
  • (Launcher) Added many more options to the settings dialog, including the new mouse speed option.
  • (Launcher) Updated translations: pl [grimi], de [nexusle].

FS-UAE 2.1.2dev Released

A new development version has been released. Changes in FS-UAE 2.1.2dev:

  • Fix for running from directory with non-ASCII characters on Windows.
  • Use mmap to allocate executable memory on non-Windows platforms, fixes segmentation faults with i386 versions.
  • Patch amiga-os-130.rom to default A500 rom on demand (3 byte diff).
  • Don’t use warning-related compiler options by default, (useful for older compiler versions), enable again with make devel=1.
  • Updated translations: it [Speedvicio].
  • (Launcher) New setting dialog pages for video, input, scan and experimental settings, common options added to these pages.
  • (Launcher) New option to disable use of built-in configurations.
  • (Launcher) Can use amiga-os-130.rom as kick34005.A500 for WHDLoad, will patch on demand.
  • (Launcher) amiga-os-130.rom, default A500 rom and overdumped  default A500 rom can be used together in net play mode (they are all normalized to default A500 rom).
  • (Launcher) Use wxversion.select to specifically choose wxPython 2.8.
  • (Launcher) Fix for running from directory with non-ASCII characters, and when user’s home directory contains non-ASCII characters.