FS-UAE 2.3.11dev Released

A new development version has been released. Changes in FS-UAE 2.3.11dev:

  • When deleting a directory from a dir HD, remove Thumbs_DB and .DS_Store files first if they exist.
  • (Launcher) Changed where fs-uae-device-helper is stored in FS-UAE.app so it is picked up by the fix-libs script.
  • (Launcher) Removed refresh game database from left “main menu”.
  • (Launcher) Fixed a problem with lhafile caused by Python 3-compat changes.

New packages are also available in the Ubuntu PPAs (python-lhafile, libfs-capsimage). These are added as recommended “dependencies” and should be automatically pulled in when updating to 2.3.11dev.

FS-UAE 2.3.10dev Released

A new development version has been released. Changes in FS-UAE 2.3.10dev:

  • Initial support for SDL2 (make sdl=2), does not yet take full advantage of it.
  • Enable SDL2 by default on OS X.
  • New options window_x, window_y and keyboard_input_grab (SDL2 only).
  • New options min_first_line_ntsc, min_first_line_pal.
  • Windows distributions/packaging updated.
  • fs-uae deb package marked as Multi-Arch: foreign, fs-uae:i386 can then be installed on amd64 without breaking fs-uae-launcher dependency.
  • Updated translations: pl [grimi], fi [Goingdown], tr [Decypher], fr [Foul], nb.
  • (Launcher) Fixed dialog centering on OS X.
  • (Launcher) Center main window on desktop when opening.
  • (Launcher) Marked some texts for translation.
  • (Launcher) Use native file/directory dialogs (in most places).
  • (Launcher) Fixed a bug where game info panel wasn’t always refreshed.
  • (Launcher) Code update for compatibility with Python 3.
  • (Launcher) Support for PyQT5 in addition to Pyside.
  • (Launcher) Experimental net play UI is available again.
  • (Launcher) Ensure floppy file name is visible when floppy field changes.
  • (Launcher) Support for hd_requirements = workbench (with online database).
  • (Launcher) Game database now in Cache/Games.sqlite.
  • (Launcher) Database now in Data/Database.sqlite.
  • (Launcher) Updated translations: pl [grimi], fi [Goingdown], it [Speedvicio], tr [Decypher], fr [Foul], nb.
  • (Game Center) Renaming to FS-UAE Arcade (not complete).
  • (Game Center) Merged with Launcher distr on some platforms (Windows).
  • (Game Center) Fix joystick selection on input selection screen.

For this version, there has been some slight packaging changes (again). If you’re using the Windows version, and the setup executables, I recommend you uninstall all FS-UAE* programs before installing 2.3.10dev or newer. Don’t worry, uninstalling will not remove anything from Documents/FS-UAE.

Uninstalling isn’t strictly necessary, but will prevent unneeded cruft from lying around. There’s now a single installer with FS-UAE, FS-UAE Launcher and FS-UAE Arcade together (bundling Launcher and Arcade saves quite some space since libraries are not duplicated). Similarly, if you are using the portable version, you can delete the Programs and or Windows directory from previous versions before extracting the new version to clear out old files.

FS-UAE Game Center is now renamed to FS-UAE Arcade. One advantage is fewer syllables, and it also prevents confusion if/when the full FS Game Center is later released. On OS X, you can delete FS-UAE Game Center.app, it will not be updated. In the Ubuntu PPA, fs-uae-game-center is now a transitional dummy package which pulls in fs-uae-arcade.

If you are using the online database, you need to use the refresh database function after updating.

FS-UAE 2.3.9dev Released

A new development version has been released. Changes in FS-UAE 2.3.9dev:

  • Add build support for kFreeBSD [glaubitz].
  • Add generic maccess.h defines for “other” architectures [glaubitz].
  • Better code to disable the JIT compiler on non-i386 architectures [glaubitz].
  • Added contrib/sinc-integral.py to source distribution (Debian compliance).
  • Removed catweasel code from source distribution (Debian compliance).
  • Also check for $executable_path/../../Config.fs-uae on OS X.
  • Gracefully handle it when xrandr executable is not found.
  • New translations: da [tomse].
  • Updated translations: de [TCD].
  • (Launcher) Fixed a rendering issue with the tab panel.
  • (Launcher) Fixed rendering of local config/variant name in config list.
  • (Launcher) CD32 FMV ROM is properly used again when CD32/FMV model is used.
  • (Launcher) Allow server to reset local game database when necessary.
  • (Launcher) Fixed bug when last letter in search term is n.
  • (Launcher) Set explicit min width for ADF/HDF creator size field.
  • (Launcher) Allow (Qt) list items to be activated with enter.
  • (Launcher) OAGD.net Locker Uploader implemented.
  • (Launcher) Fixed bug with indexing files in archives somewhere within a directory called #.
  • (Launcher) SetPatch can be extracted on demand from disk in locker.
  • (Launcher) Minor GUI tweaks and improvements here and there.
  • (Launcher) More code restructuring for sharing between launcher and gc.
  • (Launcher) New translations: da [tomse].
  • (Launcher) Updated translations: de [TCD], it [Speedvicio], nb.
  • (Game Center) Search-as-you type (just start typing to activate search).
  • (Game Center) Only show db configs (local ones don’t work now anyway).