Linux / SteamOS Builds Now Available

I have created a new binary distribution for Linux / SteamOS. These packages are very new, and should be considered experimental.

The naming is a bit misleading, the requirement isn’t really SteamOS, but rather the Steam Runtime! This means that this version should run on any Linux distribution where Steam (or Steam Runtime) is installed. Please report if the packages are not working on your Linux distro 🙂

This package can be particular useful if FS-UAE packages are not available for your Linux distro (or if only older versions are available). The SteamOS version will also probably be used as the base for a new Linux portable distribution (similar to the Windows and OS X portable versions).

3 thoughts on “Linux / SteamOS Builds Now Available

  1. Wow, this is so cool! I normally just use a debian build, but launching fs-uae-arcade on a steamos machine is epic! There is only a small problem: conflict of the F12 key, which by default opens the menu in FS-UAE and makes a screenshot in Steam, but it can be easily changed. Anyhow I wanted to have a seamless Amiga experience on a Steam Machine and I just *love* this. 🙂

  2. There was a library missing in the initial 2.5.21dev version, so I have uploaded a fixed 2.5.21dev2 version 🙂

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