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For live support, you can connect to the IRC support channel directly from your web browser: Enter live support channel. The most likely time to get help is during the evening (UTC+1), but there may be people around to help at other times as well.

You can also use a regular IRC client – join channel #FS-UAE on server

2 thoughts on “Live Support

  1. Every time I try to scan and import my kickstarts I get a database locked error. How can I use the ROMS stored in the Amiga Files>Shared>Rom folder of my Amiga Forever installation?

    • Hi, with FS-UAE version 2.1.28 and newer, the ROMs found in Amiga Files/Shared/rom should automatically be scanned on startup, if you don’t have any kickstarts. A database locked error has been reported by another user as well, and it is possible that this is caused by an earlier FS-UAE Launcher process which did not shut down cleanly. Do you still have this problem, or did it suddently “go away”?

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