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The public git repository was recently updated to reflect my own development environment better. Version numbers are now not updated in all places on version number bump, only the VERSION file is updated. Run “make dist” to get a new sub-dir with clean source and version numbers correctly updated in all files, or you can use,, etc to build releases. Building the workspace with “make” works just fine, but the version number is then fixed as “9.8.7”.

This repo update is also related to the fact that the official releases are from now on automatically built from the repo on google code (branch “release-devel”) using build slaves connected to a jenkins instance.

Please note that the repository URLs on opensuse build service will change (for a proper split between stable / devel releases once 2.0 is out). New repository base for the development releases is:…/fs-uae-devel/. Similarly, if some of you track directory content; devel releases on will be put in

I’m also experimenting with PPA builds for Ubuntu: development version PPA is available at (not all amd64 packages are done building yet).

All this just means that I can spent a little less time pushing out releases and more time coding. Also, occasionally forgetting to push the source code or publish update for a given platform should not be a problem any more 😉

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