FS-UAE 2.4.3 Released

A bugfix release (2.4.3) has been issued for the stable series of FS-UAE. This version fixes a bug which causes a crash in FS-UAE on Linux with recent official NVIDIA drivers. Windows and OS X users do not need to update (and I will not provide updated builds for those platforms either). Source code is available here: http://fs-uae.net/stable/2.4.3/.

Many thanks to NVIDIA which actually tracked down the bug in FS-UAE! The problem was an unused function (mprotected), a legacy from older WinUAE code, which was exported and caused the NVIDIA drivers to load this function instead of the correct one from libc. I’m quite impressed that they contacted me with information about the bug, and I think this shows how serious they are about their Linux drivers 🙂

The latest development versions are not affected by this problem (the function has already been removed, and also, symbols are no longer exported by default).

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