FS-UAE 2.5.39dev Released

A new development version has been released. Changes in FS-UAE 2.5.39dev:

  • Updated config for Logitech F310 and added Thrustmaster Dual Action 4.
  • Updated AROS kickstart replacement to ver. 2015-05-20 from WinUAE 3.1.0.
  • Config files must end with .fs-uae or .conf to be loaded by FS-UAE.
  • If you give fs-uae a command line argument with path to a .adf, it will be used as value for floppy_drive_0.
  • Imported updated translations from crowdin.com.

Known issues:

  • When entering the GUI using modifier+F12, the modifier key(s) sticks in the emulated Amiga when you return to the emulation.
  • Graphical flickering in Workbench with non-cycle-exact emulation.

Changes in FS-UAE Launcher 2.5.39dev:

  • CD images for database games will now be extracted from archives on demand. (there will always be a temp copy made right now, even when not needed).
  • If you give the launcher (command line) the path to a zip or lha, it will try to find a contained WHDLoad slave and configure an A600 + 8MB fast RAM and start FS-UAE.
  • Updated Info.plist and specified 10.7.0 as minimum OS X version.
  • Added version update check for beta branch.
  • Imported updated translations from crowdin.com.

3 thoughts on “FS-UAE 2.5.39dev Released

  1. Thanks for this, been looking to autostart WHDLoad files. I can’t get this working on Windows though – is it as simple as:
    d:/fs-uae/fs-uae loader d:\fs-uae\hard drives\image.zip”

    That just seems to start the loader in normal mode for me.


    • First of all, there is nothing called “fs-uae loader” 😉 (I understand what you mean though, but you need to get it right when trying to run it at least).

      Also, please note that when you use the portable version, the “FS-UAE Launcher.exe” in the root of the portable dir is just a dummy executable which runs the real one (without passing any arguments), so if you have the portable version installed in d:\fs-uae you must run something like this instead (remember to use quotes if paths contain spaces):

      d:\fs-uae\Windows\fs-uae\fs-uae-launcher.exe "d:\fs-uae\hard drives\image.zip"

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