4 thoughts on “FS-UAE 2.5.22dev Released

  1. Hello,

    Thanks a lot for FS-UAE, I just discoverd it and I find it really great !
    I try to configure it for use in a Mamecab with a Windows PC and a Utimarc J-Pac Jamma Adapter.
    I use Custom Input Mapping to configure the keys and I need map Left Control key for Joystick 0 button.
    On my PC, both keyboard_key_lctrl and keyboard_key_rctrl seems to be mapped on keyboard_key_rctrl and I can’t find the right mapping

    ex :
    keyboard_key_lctrl = joystick_0_button_0
    keyboard_key_rctrl = joystick_0_button_0

    map the joystick 0 button to right control key.

    Do you know any other way to map the left control key ?

    Best regards


    • Hello,

      Sorry, just found swap_ctrl_keys option and it works fine !

      Thanks for this really nice emu.


  2. Hi Frode,
    I have got a problem with this version (I used v2.5.20 before and it works fine).
    If I go to the FS-UAE Launcher Settings / Joystick option I can’t configure my joysticks anymore by double-clicking on the device name. Normally a configure window popped up to remap the buttons but since this version nothing happens if I double-click on the connected joysticks.
    Best regards,

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