Log Files Needed

When reporting issues with FS-UAE or FS-UAE Launcher, you should provide log files to help debugging the problem (or clear up any misunderstandings).

Some important things to consider:

  • Before attaching the log files, you must quit FS-UAE and/or FS-UAE Launcher. If not, the log files may be incomplete.
  • The log files are recreated each time you start the program. So when reporting a problem, you must ensure that you experienced the problem on the last run of the program.

The location of the log files (fs-uae.log.txt and fs-uae-launcher.log.txt) can vary slightly:

  • The log files are generally found in (My) Documents/FS-UAE/Cache/Logs.
  • If you are using the portable version, they’ll be in Cache/Logs within the portable directory.
  • On Linux, might also find them in ~/FS-UAE/Cache/Logs if XDG_DOCUMENTS_DIR is not set.

If you’re reporting a problem on the English Amiga Board forum, it’s easy to include the log files. When writing a reply to creating a thread, you can attach the log files to the post.

If you are asked to send log files by e-mail, please send to frode@fs-uae.net.

4 thoughts on “Log Files Needed

  1. ciao io o installato fsuae portatile e quando lo vado a lanciare mi esce questo messaggio di errore.patch n° 2147024894 errore.cosa posso fare per migliorare questo problema?

  2. It would be good if the Log files stayed and just spanned when too long (flog-1, log-2 etc)

    I guess this is my log file is re-created, so it won’t cause confusion on the users part, but also it restricts the user must capture the error after the last run, and not wait days (but i guess the user would capture imminently anyway)

    All in all, i guess it’s also less messy to all.

    • Hi, I am considering implementing a feature where FS-UAE Launcher can rename the log files after FS-UAE is done (add date/time), and perhaps associating the log files with the config/game entry. But it is not a high priority, and for now I’ll just keep the current/simple behaviour.

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