FS-UAE 2.3.14dev Released

A new development version has been released. Changes in FS-UAE 2.3.14dev:

  • JIT should work on Windows too now.
  • New options: audio_frequency, audio_buffer_target_size.
  • Default frequency is now 48000 Hz (will try 44100 Hz if 48000 Hz fails).
  • Default audio buffer size is now 40ms (slightly lower than before).
  • Deprecated the old audio_buffer_target_bytes option (it is now instead calculated from audio_buffer_target_size).
  • Speed up startup by caching information about kickstart ROMs.
  • Skip initializating stuff in inputdevice.cpp which are not used by FS-UAE, speeds up startup – report if it seems to have bad side-effects…
  • Split Savestates into two main menu entries (Load State, Save State).
  • Removed superfluous More… entries.
  • Include #define GLXContextID XID in glee.h to work with recent Mesa.
  • (Launcher) Respect writable_floppy_images option in cases where the floppy drive options directly refer to local paths (don’t copy disk images to temp directory).
  • (Launcher) Defragment databases function (Settings -> Maintenance).
  • (Launcher) Use QT to open all URLs, for consistent behavior.
  • (Launcher) Will now try to find and use either of PySide, PyQt5 or PyQt4.
  • (Launcher) Added GUI controls to tweak audio freqency and also audio target buffer size (in ms). The latter can be used to reduce audio latency.

Another change is that the Windows version is now built with a MinGW-w64/x86 toolchain instead of MinGW (This shouldn’t really change anything, but it can be useful to be aware of when testing).

Also, some changes to the JIT code paths has been made, so please let me know if JIT suddently stops working with this version…

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