4 thoughts on “FS-UAE 2.3.15dev Released

  1. Are the boxart & screenshots downloadable beforehand? I have an old zip, extracted to the fs-uae’s cache folder, but it doesn’t seem to help.
    Also having issues from loading the A1200 kickstart within the arcade emulator (whdload maniac mansion) – even though it works from the launcher….

    Oh, and saving state? Has this been sorted for whdload yet – without spazzing out?

    • Hi, perhaps you extracted it “wrong” so you got one folder too much? The zip on http://oagd.net/download is relatively recent, and should give you box art and screens for most games. But just make sure it extracted correctly. Oh, and it is possible the images are only picked up by the development versions of FS-UAE…

      Saving state in WHDLoad games haven’t been worked on yet. Regarding the A1200 kickstart problem, I need more information, perhaps create a thread on the support forum?

  2. I cant get the CAPS “SPS” games to work with 2.3.15dev. If i go back to the official release it works perfect.

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