FS-UAE 2.3.13dev Released

A new development version has been released. Changes in FS-UAE 2.3.13dev:

  • Video sync is disabled by default.
  • Updated translations: pl [grimi].
  • (Launcher) New video synchronization settings page, reorg. video settings.
  • (Launcher) New dialog for manual game downloads with scan function to make manual downloads more streamlined.
  • (Launcher) Re-enabled support for manually downloadable games.
  • (Launcher) Re-enabled support for automatically downloadable games.
  • (Launcher) Support downloading and displaying terms for auto-downloadable game files.
  • (Launcher) Changed icons for downloadable games.
  • (Launcher) fullscreen_mode was erroneously specified as fullscreen, should be empty string. Also, fullscreen_mode will now show in advanced settings if overriden.
  • (Launcher) Updated translations: pl [grimi], fi [Goingdown].

One important change in this version is that video_sync now defaults to off. The reasons for this include:

  • On some systems, syncing to video causes performance issues or unstable frame rates (esp. with compositing window managers).
  • On some systems, the OpenGL drivers use a lot of CPU while waiting for vblank (can often be fixed by choosing a suitable video sync method).

So now I experiment with having this option off by default, so people won’t erroneously conclude that FS-UAE does not work properly, or have bad performance when the problem could be the desktop environment and/or driver problems. Instead, there is now a new preference page for enabling / tweaking video sync options with information about what effect the options have.

The other major change is that support for manually and automatically downloadable games (via the online game database) is re-enabled and much improved 🙂

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