FS-UAE 2.3.8dev Released

A new development version has been released. Changes in FS-UAE 2.3.8dev:

  • New option “volume” to specify initial audio volume.
  • (Launcher) New OAGD.net login and logout dialog.
  • (Launcher) New login system (store authentication tokens instead of username and password).
  • (Launcher) Drop-down list for choosing game list (from OAGD.net).
  • (Launcher) Support for synchronizing game lists from OAGD.net.
  • (Launcher) Initial support for OAGD.net locker (only available to a few select users right now).
  • (Launcher) If local files are missing, files will be downloaded on demand from the user’s OAGD.net locker, if present there.
  • (Launcher) More compact (OAGD) game database, faster synchronization.
  • (Launcher) Nicer database refresh dialog, stop button works now.
  • (Launcher) Fixed bugs in HDF Creator appearing after split from ADF Creator.
  • (Launcher) Language preferences page now actually works.
  • (Launcher) New language detection code for OS X, not dependent on wx.
  • (Launcher) Fixed bugs preventing info panel from showing some warnings.
  • (Launcher) Settings file moved into FS-UAE/Data, shared with Game Center.
  • (Launcher) Several other minor UI updates, bug fixes, and restructured code.
  • (Launcher) WHDLoad runner installs the file C:OSEmu.400.
  • (Launcher) Load QT stylesheet (if found) from FS-UAE/Plugins/<name>/fs-uae-launcher-theme/stylesheet.qss
  • (Launcher) Added icons to settings dialog, removed close button.
  • (Launcher) QT port now displays application / window icon again.
  • (Launcher) Moved “Custom Settings” to Preferences -> Advanced Settings.
  • (Launcher) Remember last used preferences page.
  • (Launcher) Added preference control for new audio volume option.
  • (Game Center) Now reads and applies (most) FS-UAE Launcher settings.

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