FS-UAE 2.2.1 Released

An update to FS-UAE 2.2 has been released. Changes in FS-UAE 2.2.1:

  • Show on-screen warning if OpenAL device cannot be opened, log OpenAL error code.
  • New option save_state_compression can be used to disable save state
  • New option “log” which can be used to enable misc types of debug logging.
  • Queued input events are processed in hsync handler.
  • Use CD32 + FMV quickstart for CD32 model, update cd.device in cartridge ROM fixes problem with Pirates Gold intro.
  • Removed a couple of left-over / unnecesary log statements.
  • Support language option to override GUI language.
  • New translations: tr [Decypher].
  • (Launcher) Fixed bug when specifying window_width / window_height in custom settings.
  • (Launcher) Warn when using A1200 model with < 2 MB chip RAM.
  • (Launcher) Fixed a bug where 0-byte screenshot / covers files could be stored if a network error occurs while downloading.
  • (Launcher) Better support for A3000 and A4000 with the game database.
  • (Launcher) Support hiding variants from the database based on _status.
  • (Launcher) Cycle-exact can be disabled from database if abs. necessary.
  • (Launcher) Support language option to override GUI language.
  • (Launcher) New translations: tr [Decypher].

7 thoughts on “FS-UAE 2.2.1 Released

  1. Hi first off all I want to thank you for creating such a fantastic frontend, the menu in game , the cover art and screenshots is what I’ve been looking for a long time to get that proper amiga experience, I originally used lemon amiga which was great, then amiga forever but did not like the layout, colours ect lack of ingame menu although I appreciate the hard work that has gone in to it.
    Anyhow, a few questions, I’m quite experienced with emulators I have managed to scan all my rom folders ect and the amiga database and got lots of titles on fs-uae launcher, however having read your documents and google i’m at a loss how to manually add games to this player eg there are several games that after running my scan did not get added to my games and configurations, Could you please give me a walk thru and examples, Am I suppose to edit a existing config file then save it? I’m confused what should I be writing in the config file?

    Sorry about this but in an ideal world I would just use your front end and nothing else it’s really that good!

    Two improvements I would like to see- 1) the ingame menu is fantastic and I’ve mapped my controller to access this from its start button, is there anyway you could build in warp mode in to the ingame menu or map a button on the controller to do it ?

    2) Have you considered making the launcher play a sample of the games music when you highlight a particular game within the menu? I feel this will enhance the amiga experience even further!

    Thanks for your time, looking forward to your response

    • Hi, and sorry for the late reply. I appreciate that you like the package I have put together, especially since you obviously have tested the alternatives 🙂

      The “Game Database” and “Local Configurations” live quite separately within FS-UAE Launcher. There isn’t any way of adding “local games to the database” as such, but:
      * You can create a local configuration for a game. It is possible to add images to those.
      * If there’s games missing from the online database, you can also request new games to be added.

      Being able to add local games to the “game database” is probably something I will look at in the future (and also probably being able to override game database configs with local changes). But for now, the effort is directed at making the online database itself as good as possible.

      Music in FS-UAE Launcher is something I can consider. It isn’t on top of the priority list, and it would require that the online database gets support for it, and that interested people upload music to game entries.

      It should already be possible to map warp to a gamepad button, with a bit of manual trickery, for example: joystick_0_left_shoulder = action_warp
      See Custom Input Mapping for more information and examples 🙂

  2. I have developed an issue with FS-UAE 2.2 now. When I choose to Pause the emulation, it freezes and does not respond. Any thoughts what I can do to fix this? I have already replaced it with a fresh copy of 2.2.1 but getting the same issue. Thanks.

    • Hi, I haven’t seen that problem. What operating system do you use, and what was the last version you used without this problem? How do you enable pause? (The menu entry in the F12 menu?)

  3. Hi Frode,

    great update! I’m running FS-UAE on my Mac (Mountain Lion). What is generally the best way to update? Is it sufficient to just exchange the binaries (both .app files for the main program and the launcher)?

    Keep up the great work! 🙂

    • Hi, there is no fancy auto-update, so yes, you need to replace the two .app bundles. But fortunately, that’s all you need to do 🙂 Thanks for the donation by the way, I’ve added your name to the contributions page.

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