FS-UAE 1.3.29 Released

A new development version has been released. Changes in version 1.3.29:

  • Implemented fs_application_exe_path for Unix-like systems.
  • Data files (“share”) are now also searched relative to fs-uae executable (executabledir/share and executabledir/../share) before checking the default system locations, and no longer searched for under cwd.
  • Fixed problem where A key press could mysteriously appear on OS X.
  • Fixed bug with shader passes being multiplied on mode switch.
  • Link with -headerpad_max_install_names on OS X [Tobias Netzel].
  • (Launcher) Saving configurations is now possible.
  • (Launcher) Added new “default” input device options.
  • (Launcher) Contract paths with $BASE or $HOME if possible.
  • (Launcher) Automatically scan local config files (.fs-uae) on startup.
  • (Launcher) Net play panel must be enabled with custom setting netplay_feature = 1 (temporary for 2.0 series).
  • (Launcher) New icon to distinguish the launcher from FS-UAE.

As noted earlier, repository and downloads paths are now changed. Also, the launcher database must be re-scanned for this version (But from now on, I intend to add code to perform database upgrades automatically when the database changes).

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