FS-UAE 1.2.0 Released

I am pleased to announce version 1.2.0 of FS-UAE, the multi-platform Amiga emulator for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X! FS-UAE 1.2 can be downloaded here.

Notable changes since version 1.0 include:

  • Great rendering performance improvements, especially on slower hardware.
  • OpenGL renderer compatible with older GPUs (only requires OpenGL 1.1 now).
  • Input devices and options can be changed in the menu while running FS-UAE.
  • UAEGFX card (“Picasso 96”) is implemented.
  • Added A4000/040 model, running in fastest possible mode.
  • Support for mounting CD images for all Amiga models (built-in CDFS and CD image switcher in menu).
  • Fullscreen/window mode switching with Alt+Enter, better fullscreen handling.
  • Better net play support (show dialog while connecting, will retry connecting until successful, continue in offline mode if connection to server is broken).
  • A1200 model can be used in net play mode with accuracy < 1.
  • UAE core code updated from WinUAE 2.4.0.
  • Advanced options for tweaking vsync method.
  • Common host options can be specified once in Host.fs-uae config file.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

Please see the release notes for more information about this release and a detailed list of changes. Also, many thanks to everyone who has been testing the development versions and reported bugs and issues!

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