Progress Report on FS-UAE

High-color and high-resolution Workbench screen with Picasso 96 driver installed

Since version 1.0 was released, there has been a couple of bug fix releases and the latest stable version is now 1.0.2. I have been adding more documentation and recently also wrote a getting started guide.

The new development versions (“betas”) have introduced support for Picasso96 and have many other improvements, including performance improvements.

Also, the most recent development versions are compatible with older OpenGL drivers/cards, so if you have problems displaying the menu on your computer, you should try the latest development version!

6 thoughts on “Progress Report on FS-UAE

  1. Thanks for FS-UAE. I finally have an Amiga emulator that I can run on my Mac. I did not have enough Amiga experience to get the other Mac-compatible Amiga emulators running successfully. The easy configuration and complete documentation made setting up FS-UAE easy.

    I look forward to the updated Ambermoon theme with the active floppy lights.

    Anyway, it is nice to simply enjoy some of the Amiga games I remember without spending a lot of time trying to get the emulator to work.

    Nice job!


  2. Hi, this is really great stuff. I appreciate your work a lot and asked myself if this is something which can easily ported to Android and iOS. I think it’s worth a look. Especially as the GUI seems to be “touchable”. Do you have any plans? Kind regards, mn

    • Hi, and thanks! I have a high-end Android device (Galaxy Nexus), and it is likely that I’ll port FS-UAE to Android at some time 🙂 It will be exciting to see how well it works, but it will most likely require a high-end device to even emulate the A500. Too bad you cannot control the refresh rate on Android. 50Hz mode for perfect scrolling would have been nice…

      Regarding iOS, I strongly oppose Apple’s “walled garden” approach and strict control of the platform. I will not support this platform by developing for it unless Apple changes its policies.

  3. I’m running Mac OS 10.7. I can not “trigger” joystick button, there is no “right alt/ctrl” on mac keyboards. I tried to map the key in the config file by writing this:
    keyboard_key_q = action_joy_1_fire_0
    -but it doesn’t work. Any suggestions? Thank you!

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