FS-UAE 1.2 Release Notes

This is the release notes for FS-UAE 1.2 detailing the changes since FS-UAE 1.0.

Summary of Changes

  • Great rendering performance improvements, especially on slower hardware.
  • OpenGL renderer compatible with older GPUs (only requires OpenGL 1.1 now).
  • Input devices and options can be changed in the menu while running FS-UAE.
  • UAEGFX card (“Picasso 96”) is implemented.
  • Added A4000/040 model, running in fastest possible mode.
  • Support for mounting CD images for all Amiga models (built-in CDFS and CD image switcher in menu).
  • Fullscreen/window mode switching with Alt+Enter, better fullscreen handling.
  • Better net play support (show dialog while connecting, will retry connecting until successful, continue in offline mode if connection to server is broken).
  • A1200 model can be used in net play mode with accuracy < 1.
  • UAE core code updated from WinUAE 2.4.0.
  • Advanced options for tweaking vsync method.
  • Common host options can be specified once in Host.fs-uae config file.
  • Many other fixes and improvements. See the Changelog for details.

Updated Keyboard Shortcuts

F12 can no longer be combined with (ctrl, shift, alt) to enter the menu.

  • F12 (or Cmd+F12) -Enter/exit GUI.
  • Shift+F12 – release input grab.
  • Alt+Tab (or Cmd+Tab) – switch to another window / release input grab.
  • Alt+Enter (or Cmd+Enter) – toggle fullscreen mode.
  • Middle mouse click – release input grab.
  • F11 (or Cmd+F11) – cycle through zoom settings.
  • Shift + F11 – zoom out a bit (pad the viewport on all sides).

New Host Options File

The file Host.fs-uae is now always read in addition to Default.fs-uae (or the specific configuration file used when launching FS-UAE). Common settings such as fullscreen and scanlines can be set here. Options in Host.fs-uae will be applied first, so you can override the defaults set here in the primary configuration file.

Support for UAEGFX / Picasso 96

Version 1.2 has experimental support for uaegfx.card. It is currently enabled by specifying this option (the value is the number of MB graphics memory allocated to the emulated graphics card):

uae_gfxcard_size = 16

Display Synchronization Options

You may get more stable video synchronization by trying out the different values for the video_sync_method option (http://fengestad.no/wp/fs-uae/video-options).


Default port for netplay has changed to 25100.


Version 1.2.0

  • Fixed bug causing blank screenshots to be saved.

Version 1.2.0rc2

  • Fix resources in Mac bundle.

Version 1.2.0rc1

  • Explicitly link against libX11 on Linux because some X functions are now used directly.
  • Shift+F11 now toggles padding the viewport with 10 pixels.
  • Shift+F12 now releases input focus (in addition to alt+tab and middle-click).
  • F12 cannot be combined with (ctrl, shift, alt) now to open the menu, modifier keys are reserved for future shortcuts (Cmd+F12 can still be used on Mac since Mac OS “swallows” F12 if used alone).
  • New option “end_config” can be used to prevent loading of additional configuration files (Host.fs-uae…).
  • Do not warn about “no configuration file loaded” if end_config was specified via program arguments.
  • A couple of glColor statements were left commented out by mistake after debugging a problem.

Version 1.1.10

  • Request dark window manager theme (GNOME 3) -looks cooler.
  • Added .desktop application launcher file for Linux.
  • Added FS-UAE icon (in different sizes) to the icons/hicolor folders.
  • Set window icon via _NET_WM_ICON on Linux.
  • Fixed bug when scanline (dark/light) intensity was set to 0.
  • Removed a couple leftover glEnd causing GL errors (not noticeable).
  • Changed the way shared data files are looked up -compatible with the XDG standard now.
  • Don’t trust refresh rate from xrandr with only one mode in mode list.

Version 1.1.9

  • Merged updated code from filesys.cpp isofs.cpp and isofs_api.h, fixes crash when inserting CD image.
  • Fix screenshot saving when buffers are BGRA.
  • New option to choose between video sync methods (video_sync_method).
  • Use older video sync method as default.
  • New default port for net play: 25100 (the port range from 25100 to 25500 is by default used for the new net play service).
  • New options fullscreen_width, fullscreen_height (especially useful to force output to one display only on a Linux/nVIDIA/twinview setup).

Version 1.1.8

  • Always load default host-specific configuration values from Host.fs-uae, if it exists (useful for fullscreen settings, etc).
  • Support replacement prefix $config in paths – will be replaced by the directory containing the current configuration file.
  • Boolean options (“1” or “0”) can now be simplified when specifying as program arguments as –arg (same as –arg=1) or –no-arg (same as –arg=0). For instance you can just use –fullscreen or –no-fullscreen.

Version 1.1.7

  • Try creating a OpenAL context at 48000 Hz first.
  • Use GL_ARB_sync extension for display synchronization where available.

Version 1.1.6

  • Use GL_NV_fence extension for display synchronization where available.
  • Use GL_APPLE_fence extension for display synchronization where available.
  • Some code refactoring for better future portability.
  • Fix rendering of scanlines with aspect correction on (overscan).
  • Use requested video_format for text rendering and utility textures as well.
  • Use smaller texture for text rendering and caching (for now).

Version 1.1.5

  • F11 key toggles between autoscale mode and a few fixed viewports.
  • Some minor rendering updates.
  • Ignore viewport setting in RTG mode.
  • Swap red/blue color channel when saving screenshots in BGRA mode.
  • Center amiga display, not crop, when keep_aspect is 1.
  • Strech overscan border to fill screen if keep_aspect is 1.
  • Always set cpu_idle option.

Version 1.1.4

  • Add fullscreen size and window size as RTG screen modes.
  • Dynamically increase video buffer sizes if necessary.
  • Options added to change video buffer format and internal texture format.
  • Use GL_BGRA as the default video buffer format.
  • Use GL_RGB as the default internal texture format for Amiga video frames.
  • Write information about OpenGL renderer to log file.
  • Hack to correct the output of the autoscale algorithm in some specific situations (some Workbench screens, etc), hack will be updated/removed as necessary.

Version 1.1.3

  • Fixed crash when accessing the input options menu.
  • Fixed rendering of fonts in dialogs.

Version 1.1.2

  • You can also configure parallel port joysticks from the menu now.
  • Show CD-CDROM drive selector in GUI (for all Amiga models) if CD-ROM drive is enabled.
  • Cloanto ROMs are now properly scanned on startup. No need to specify kickstart_file unless you want to use a non-standard kickstart.
  • Choice between soft and hard reset when choosing “Amiga Reset”; also gives a bit more protection against accidental reset.
  • Fix crash on Linux/Mac when non-existing CD is specified for cdrom_drive_0.
  • No scanlines are rendered in RTG mode unless the new option rtg_scanlines is also set to 1.
  • Quit FS-UAE if Alt+F4 (Cmd+F4) is pressed.
  • Fixed a bug where all subsequent hard drives were mounted read-only if one was mounted read-only.
  • Re-enabled bsdsocket.library for Linux and Mac.
  • Use path resolving function for *_dir path options too.
  • Match more disk names with built-in regexp (for name shortening).
  • Write read configuration key/values to log file (for debugging, no need to send config + log file any longer; just the log file will do).
  • Re-organized the FS-UAE on-screen main menu.
  • Menu font re-drawn a bit smaller and thinner.
  • Use only older OpenGL features, should work fine on OpenGL 1.4/1.5 implementations now (possibly also OpenGL 1.1).
  • Use a texture atlas for GUI elements to reduce the amount of state changes.
  • BEAMCON0 hack for P96 restricted to only setting PAL bit.
  • Support new naming scheme for controller configuration files (used for config files created by new new external controller configuration tool).
  • Added controller configurations: usb_2_axis_8_button_gamepad.ini, (thrustmaster) t_mini_wireless.ini
  • Showing FS-UAE application icon in window menu and application switcher on Windows.
  • Disable most Windows hot keys (the “Windows” key, etc) when running FS-UAE.
  • Disable sticky keys shortcut (and toggle keys etc) on Windows so these don’t interfere with game play.

Version 1.1.1

  • CDFS fix for lowercase file names.
  • OpenGL performance improvements (avoid unnecessary state changes).
  • Support fullscreen/window mode switcing with alt+return.
  • On Mac/Linux you can press alt+tab to release input focus / mouse grab.
  • On Windows, alt+tabbing also releases mouse grab
  • On Mac/Linux, alt+tab also temporarily switches to window mode if in fullscreen, hold down alt and press alt once more to start cycling through windows as normal (alt+tab already worked on MS Windows).
  • Use “real” fullscreen mode on Linux/Mac now since fullscreen/window switching is implemented.
  • On Mac you can use cmd+tab and cmd+return instead of alt+tab/alt+return.
  • Restricted ugly BEAMCON0 hack to only when rtgmem_size > 0.
  • Restructured file layout in source archive.

Version 1.1.0

  • Picasso 96 / UAEGFX support.
  • Support mounting CD images with the new builtin CDFS system from WinUAE.
  • Rendering system updated, more efficient *and* more compatible rendering.
  • Added A4000/040 model, running in fastest possible mode.
  • Support file system file names with non-ASCII (Latin-1) characters.
  • A1200 with accuracy < 1 runs with approximately A1200 speed and can now also be used in net play mode.
  • New system for accuracy option.
  • BSD socket emulation is now currently disabled also on Linux/Mac (needs updated code to work).
  • Use filesys threads (faster file system) when not in netplay mode.
  • Process filesys packets after variably delay depending on operation.
  • Updated UAE code to WinUAE 2.4.0


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