FS-UAE 3.0.2 Released

A new stable version has been released. Changes in FS-UAE 3.0.1:

  • No changes.

Changes in FS-UAE Launcher 3.0.2

  • Another fix for global WHDLoad quit key.
  • Fixed a misleading warning when cyberstorm ROM was not found (3.0.1).

7 thoughts on “FS-UAE 3.0.2 Released

  1. Hey guys. I have retro Games Meeting Tonight. I wanted my friends playing old Amiga games. Everything worked perfect yesterday. Today i cannot launch any game ! I see down there on my MacBook two icons of game. One of them jumps, MacBook fan running very fast and nothing happened. Please help me asap !

    • Hi, you can try to run it from a terminal and see if you get any error messages, something like this:

      /Applications/FS-UAE Launcher.app/Contents/MacOS/fs-uae-launcher

    • Also, have you tried turning it (the computer) off and on again? 🙂 Since it worked yesterday… maybe the app runs in a state where it is in the background and not responding? Restarting the computer could help if that’s the case.

  2. Thanks for FS-UAE version. Finally I can run AmigaOs on MacOSX. My program in AmiBlitz basic 3.6 alive!!!

  3. Hi Frode! Thanks for making such a great emulator. Is there any way I could associate whdload archives with FS-UAE, so I could just doubleclick the archive and a game would start?

    • Hi, the fs-uae-launcher executable will accept the path to a .lha/.zip WHDLoad archive as a single argument, and then proceed to configure/launch FS-UAE, so maybe you can choose to for example always open .lha files (in Windows?) in fs-uae-launcher.exe?

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