FS-UAE 2.7.8dev Released

A new development version has been released. Changes in FS-UAE 2.7.8dev:

  • Disable use of fullscreen spaces on OS X by default. Use SDL_VIDEO_MAC_FULLSCREEN_SPACES = 1 (advanced settings or environment) if you want to re-enable it.
  • Fixed a crash when using (experimental and) unsupported re-recording.

Changes in FS-UAE Launcher 2.7.8dev:

  • You can add custom config on startup (--config:key=value). Especially useful when auto-launching games and you want to override config.
  • You can start with custom settings (--settings:key=value). Note that the changed settings will be permanent / saved.
  • Make distinction between Amiga device type and host device more explicit.
  • Made launch dialog non-modal.
  • Net play feature is enabled by default.
  • Moved net play UI into a separate window.
  • Clear search field when changing game/config list in dropdown.
  • All .sqlite databases moved into Data/Databases.
  • Some user interface adjustments.
  • Quite a bit of code cleanup and some restructuring.

Changes in FS-UAE Arcade 2.7.8dev:

  • Open FS-UAE Arcade as a maximized borderless window as default for now.
  • Idle (stop rendering) when animations are done.
  • Do not process joystick input in the background while running FS-UAE (Fixes problem where Arcade has disappeared when quitting FS-UAE).
  • Do not run needless render loop in the background while running FS-UAE (Also fixes FS-UAE performance issue when running via Arcade).
  • Alt+Return (Cmd+Return) can be used to toggle fullscreen, Alt+Q (Cmd+Q) to quit.
  • Delay loading GL widget until window has been shown.
  • Delay loading of PyOpenGL functions until first time needed.
  • Possibly fixes black screen for some ATI users on Windows.
  • Cleanup in the code base, removed some unused code.
  • Updated PyOpenGL to 3.1.0.

16 thoughts on “FS-UAE 2.7.8dev Released

  1. Doesn’t work on Fedora 23 :/ tried the RPMs, the lhafile one is for Python 2.7 and F23 is on Python 3.4. And then tried compiling from source, got

    libfsemu/src/emu/audio_openal.c:64:5: error: unknown type name ‘ALuint’
    ALuint source;

    (plus a ton more) Damn shame, guess I’m stuck on Windows for quality Amiga emulation 🙁

    • Hi, thank your for the feedback. It looks indeed like there is a problem with the python-lhafile package for Fedora (registered now at https://github.com/FrodeSolheim/python-lhafile/issues/5).

      Please note that python-lhafile is not required to use FS-UAE and FS-UAE Launcher, it simply allows for the file database in FS-UAE Launcher to index files inside .lha archives on your disk.

      (You should not need to compile FS-UAE either, please add the yum repo corresponding to your Fedora version)

      • Thanks for the reply! But I still couldn’t get it to run. Some Python Qt error with a message like “….could not find or load Qt platform plugin xcb”. I was trying to run it on Gnome, maybe that’s where the problem lies :/

        • Thanks, there was indeed a problem with the Launcher in the latest dev build for Fedora. I should be fixed now, if you update the packages from the dev repo (2.7.8dev4).

          • Just tried it, works! Thanks for fixing it! Unfortunately (I feel like I’m really demanding now, sorry lol) there’s no networking support on Linux? I tried enabling the uae_socket library option, but then AmigaOS 4.1 says that “UAE boot room is not supported in PPC” ? Works in Windows, and without networking support it’s not that useful for my use case (telnet BBS).

            But thanks for fixing it!

          • In the future, using uae bsdsocket.library will probably work in this case (when I integrate the most recent WinUAE changes for allowing UAE expansion boards).

            Now you can use uae_a2065 = slirp to enable A2065 emulation, and set up networking in AmigaOS 4.1 via A2065 driver.

          • Is there a guide on setting up the A2065? I see AmigaOS 4.1 has an option for it, but it seems to never find its “port” – can that be set in the config? Thanks!

          • Nevermind, found a guide for it at EAB!! YAY! Thanks for all your help! 😉

  2. I know you changed the fullscreen-method in 2.7.8 as you stated in the latest changelog.
    If it can be fixed in the future, i’m fine with pressing + for the time being.

    For the keys binded to the numeric keypad – you guessed it correctly.
    It appears to me that it would make perfect sense that the HOME-key (in German “Pos1”) should be binded to the Home function (House-Icon)
    and the End-key (in German “Ende”) should jump to the last Entry (Boxart) in fs-uae Arcade (both keys are not used at the moment??)
    It would be the same behaviour as it is already in fs-uae Launcher.

    But i don’t know if that’s possible or if it would collide with the Amiga-keys used in emulation? – You know best, you decide. It’s just a suggestion.

  3. Hi Frode,
    the new method to go fullscreen in Arcade.exe (Windows 7) still shows the Start-Button and Taskbar in front, if it set to “always show task bar”.
    One has to press + each time to get to “real fullscreen”. Could you please look into this?

    Could you bind the “POS1”-key from the numeric keypad to the Home-function and the “END”-key to jump to the last entry in Arcade.exe?
    That would be awesome.

    • Hi, the Arcade opens “maximized” in this version on purpose. It is a temporary fix, future versions will either default to fullscreen again (depending on OS perhaps), or there will be an option to choose startup mode.
      (The taskbar shouldn’t be in front though? The plan was that the arcade just fills the area not occupied by the taskbar).

      Hi, what key do you mean with “POS1”? And you want that key to do the same as the “Home” icon in FS-UAE Arcade, right?

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