FS-UAE 2.7.2dev Released

A new development version has been released. Changes in FS-UAE 2.7.2dev:

  • Enable FPU JIT compilation by default on x86-64.
  • Use high-res timer on Windows for fastest-possible mode (perf fix).
  • Parallel port (“printer”) over TCP/IP, added parallel_port option.
  • Fixed crash (abort) with A1200 Blizzard CPU board models.
  • Added Lallafa’s vpar virtual parallel port (not tested).
  • Serial port over TCP/IP.
  • More efficient uae_vm_commit for Linux and OS X.
  • Updated emulation core from WinUAE 3200b15.

Changes in FS-UAE Launcher 2.7.2dev:

  • Fixed /hostgame netplay command (server was started on wrong port).

3 thoughts on “FS-UAE 2.7.2dev Released

  1. Does the inclusion of the serial port mean that you can play serial link games? For instance like Stunt Car Racer

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