FS-UAE 2.5.35dev Released

A new development version has been released. Changes in FS-UAE 2.5.35dev:

  • Fixed bug (lockup) when quitting FS-UAE from Amiga side on some platforms.
  • Fixed a potential key repeat issue (could not reproduce original problem).
  • Load kickstart replacement from data files instead of embedding in executable.
  • Re-enabled serial port (was disabled in 2.5.31dev), fixed AROS Kickstart replacement.
  • Share serial port emulation code with WinUAE.

Known issues:

  • When entering the GUI using modifier+F12, the modifier key(s) sticks in the emulated Amiga when you return to the emulation.
  • Graphical flickering in Workbench with non-cycle-exact emulation.
  • When starting FS-UAE from FS-UAE Launcher, accelerator flashs ROM writes are not persistent because the launcher uses a new copy every time.

Changes in FS-UAE Launcher 2.5.35dev:

  • Added All Games / All Configurations to drop-down.
  • Nicer behavior when kickstart ROM for chosen model is missing.
  • Moved more warnings and information to status bar.
  • Fixed handling of downloadable games.
  • Use Fusion QT style on all platforms by default.
  • Default to Fusion Adwaita style variant when running under GNOME 3.
  • Show warning icon in settings if option is overriden by configuration.
  • Fixed OAGD.net locker uploader.
  • New additional configuration page.
  • Moved custom configuration (button) to additional config page.
  • Removed some “noise” from custom configuration and advanced settings.

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