SegTracker in FS-UAE’s Debugger

Lallafa has added an interesting new feature to FS-UAE (for Amiga developers), available from his code repository. From Lallafa’s blog:

I do most of my Amiga development now in a cross-dev environment on my Mac and then the FS-UAE emulator is the runtime environment to test and debug code. While it is possible to use the same Enforcer setup inside FS-UAE I really like the built-in debugger of the emulator: It allows to freeze the whole Amiga and inspect the full state. Furthermore, memory watchpoints and breakpoints are available, too. The only thing that was missing: a SegTracker feature that tells me where my application/driver code is loaded and a FindHit feature to get detailed infos on the associated source.

Thanks to open source of both FS-UAE and Enforcer I was able to add both features without too many effort

See for more information and examples for this feature 🙂

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