FS-UAE 2.1.26dev Released

A new development version has been released. Changes in FS-UAE 2.1.26dev:

  • Implemented options hard_drive_x_priority.
  • Renamed FS-UAE.log to FS-UAE.log.txt for easier upload to EAB.
  • Better method to override directories (e.g. base_dir), old ones deprecated.
  • Added translations: cs [spajdr], fi [GoingDown].
  • Updated translations: it [Speedvicio].
  • (Launcher) Added refresh button to update list of connected joysticks.
  • (Launcher) Added support for the recently added A3000 FS-UAE Amiga model.
  • (Launcher) Improved memory widgets, you now see the current default value.
  • (Launcher) A new simple ADF & HDF Creator dialog is included.
  • (Launcher) Display name first, then directory in media selectors.
  • (Launcher) Fixed a bug where you could get an error message about missing kickstart after just having imported kickstarts and tried to start the emulation.
  • (Launcher) Do not expose database username/password in FS-UAE logs.
  • (Launcher) Added main menu button, moved scan and settings to this menu.
  • (Launcher) Also add menu entries to application menu on OS X.
  • (Launcher) Moved custom options and custom settings to new dialog accessible from the new menu.
  • (Launcher) Moved kickstart import to new kickstart import dialog, removed the “setup” / wizard tab.
  • (Launcher) New “kickstarts are missing” notification in the top tab area.
  • (Launcher) Marked some additional text for translation.
  • (Launcher) Added new about dialog.
  • (Launcher) Database: Game variants can specify that an empty HD or a HD with Workbench must be added to the system.
  • (Launcher) Preselect variant with personal rating = 5, or else highest rated game variant when selecting a game from the database.
  • (Launcher) Respect new base_dir override.
  • (Launcher) Updated GUI layout in several places, minor improvements here and there.
  • (Launcher) Added translations: cs [spajdr], fi [GoingDown].

3 thoughts on “FS-UAE 2.1.26dev Released

  1. I’m sorry to disturb you here, but I just checked out FS-UAE 2.1.26dev and have a question concerning basedir. I have created Config.fs-uae inside FS-UAE’s application directory and FS-UAE.app respects this. But FS-UAE Launcher.app insists on creating the FS-UAE directory inside ~/Documents (I’m on OS X). I tried the hidden config file method (~/.config/fs-uae/fs-uae.conf), but it still creates its directory at ~/Documents when I launch it. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Am I missing something here?

    Thanks a lot!

    • FS-UAE Launcher does not read Config.fs-uae – this config file is something you can use if you want to create a standalone FS-UAE bundle with a fixed config (for example a “self-contained game”). It sounds like what you want to do is just to generally use another directory as base_dir. Please see the section “Overriding the Default Directories” in http://fengestad.no/fs-uae/paths 🙂

      • Thanks a lot! I have missed this somehow and was still trying to get it done the old way. I must say that I always prefer applications which are using the default locations like Preferences, so thanks for adding that!

        Outstanding support for an outstanding application! 🙂

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