FS-UAE 1.3.25 Released

A new development version has been released. Changes in version 1.3.25:

  • Properly close OpenAL device on shutdown (avoids error on shutdown on Windows with OpenAL Soft implementation).
  • Bundle oal_soft.dll as OpenAL32.dll on Windows (no OpenAL installation needed, but will not use HW-specific drivers unless OpenAL32.dll is deleted from app dir).
  • New shortcuts (soft/hard reset, freeze, debugger) [lallafa].
  • Initial FreeBSD support (tested to compile and run on FreeBSD 8.2).
  • Automatically choose best texture format for new video_format rgb565.
  • Added config for Speed-Link Competition Pro Gold [Régis Patroix].
  • Added support for RTG modes with native 16-bit buffers.
  • Copy RTG video row data without pixel conversion when possible.
  • Added support for PPC / Mac OS 10.5 [Tobias Netzel].
  • Added support for 16-bit video and texture formats (new value video_format = rgb565).
  • Fixes to allow for compilation with clang.
  • Replaced deprecated valloc, getpagesize with posix equivalents.
  • (Launcher) Bundle local Microsoft.VC90.CRT on Windows.
  • (Launcher) Workaround to make translations work on Mac OS X.
  • (Launcher) Fixed bug when setting hard_drive_x folders options from config files.
  • (Launcher) Remove information panels when running on small resolutions.
  • (Launcher) Updated translations: fr [Foul], de [nexusle], it [Speedvicio].

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