Any Demand for a FreeBSD Version?

FS-UAE is currently only available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. However, it should be relatively easy to get it to compile and run on FreeBSD as well.

If you are a FreeBSD user and want to use and test FS-UAE, please leave a comment! I won’t bother to implement support for FreeBSD unless there is some demand for it.

8 thoughts on “Any Demand for a FreeBSD Version?

  1. I am planning on reviving my BBS for S***s and giggles.
    I’d love to be able to do it with UAE running in a FreeBSD jail.
    My other option is running it on one of my linux machines from a KVM running a linux guest.

    I would prefer running from a jail , I would think that way some VM overhead would be eliminated.

    So with this +1 for a bsd port.

    Friendly regards

    • FS-UAE was indeed fixed so it can run on FreeBSD (and OpenBSD too), at least the development version. Though I haven’t tested the latest development versions on FreeBSD.

    • I have fixed the source so it compiles on FreeBSD 🙂 But I don’t have any automatically build binaries for distribution. You need at least the following to build it: OpenAL, OpenGL, Glib, SDL.
      -And it requires accelerated OpenGL graphics, just like on the other platforms.

      Only the recent development/beta versions work on FreeBSD:

      I have not tested FS-UAE Launcher on FreeBSD yet -it may work just fine, you can run “python install” from the “launcher” directory to install it.

      EDIT: I got around to test FS-UAE Launcher on FreeBSD -and it works out of the box. You need the following ports installed:

      You can also run FS-UAE Launcher like this (from the root of the source dir) if you don’t want to install it on the system:
      python launcher/

  2. Initial support for FreeBSD added. It is available in the latest git commit in the repo available from the Google Code project (

    I have made necessary code changes to make it compile, and verified that it started and booted correctly. Haven’t tested much beyond this. It did crash initially (in OpenAL code), but this was traced to the fact that no audio drivers was installed, and /dev/dsp did not exist.

    It requires SDL, OpenAL and (accelerated) OpenGL as on other platforms.

    Compile with “gmake”.

  3. I’d definitely be interested, I can even create the FreeBSD package once it works, I did for uae 🙂

    • Really impressed by the response time, I didn’t expect a reply from a FreeBSD use within the hour 😉

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