FS-UAE 1.3.23 Released

A new development version has been released. Changes in version 1.3.23:

  • New shortcut for quit: F12+q or F11+q.
  • New shortcut for zoom: F12+z or F11+z.
  • New shortcut for zoom border: F12+b or F11+b.
  • New shortcut for grab input (toggle): F12+g or F11+g.
  • New shortcut for fullscreen/window toggle: F12+f or F11+f.
  • New shortcut for screenshot: F12+s or F11+s.
  • Menu mode is now triggered on F12 (or F11) _release_ if key is used alone.
  • F11 does no longer control the zoom function directly.
  • Floppy drives are no longer write-protected when loading compressed ADFs.
  • New option writable_floppy_images, set to “1″ to write data back to original disk files (when possible) instead of overlay files.
  • Option “input_grab” renamed to “initial_input_grab”.
  • New option “automatic_input_grab” to control whether input is automatically grabbed on mouse click or not.
  • (Launcher) Fixed saving custom settings when closing dialog on Windows.
  • (Launcher) Fixed case in names of scanned .fs-uae configurations on Windows.
  • (Launcher) Updated translations: it [Speedvicio].

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