FS-UAE 1.3.22 Released

A new development version has been released. Changes in version 1.3.22:

  • Some changes to po file management to get smaller diffs between releases.
  • (Launcher) Changed how images for database entries are looked up.
  • (Launcher) Continue scanning when encountering corrupt zip files.
  • (Launcher) Updated translations: it [Speedvicio].

Changes in version 1.3.0 through 1.3.21:

Version 1.3.21

  • (Launcher) Add support for a third A600 kickstart (r37.300).
  • (Launcher) Properly look up save_disk with pkg_resources.
  • (Launcher) Find kickstarts relative to kickstarts directory when using custom kickstart.
  • (Launcher) Properly look up save_disk with pkg_resources.
  • (Launcher) Fixed a couple of mis-spellings.
  • (Launcher) Updated translations: fr [Foul].

Version 1.3.20

  • Preliminary fix for a crash in bsdsocket library.
  • (Launcher) The launcher supports builtin configurations downloading game media on demand, builtin configuration for “Cybernetix” added.
  • (Launcher) URLs supported in floppy_drive/image options, floppies will be downloaded and cached on demand -used for freeware/shareware section.
  • (Launcher) Launcher creates a base WHDLoad system automatically, downloading necessary (re-distributable) files on demand.
  • (Launcher) Kickstarts can be located in zip files and are temporarily extracted (and decrypted if necessary) on use.
  • (Launcher) Disk images in zip archives are also scanned and indexed, will be automatically (and temporarily) extracted on use.
  • (Launcher) Added GUI for extended kickstart ROM.
  • (Launcher) Explicit abort button in scan dialog, disable close button when scan is running.
  • (Launcher) Respect XDG user dirs when saving joystick configuration.
  • (Launcher) Show error message if trying to configure joystick buttons when no joysticks are connected.
  • (Launcher) Updated translations: sr [Milanchez], it [Speedvicio].

Version 1.3.19

  • Line endings / white space cleanup for public git repo.
  • Improved .spec file for openSUSE builds [RedDwarf].
  • Added docdir option to Makefile [RedDwarf].
  • Compilation fixes and buffer underflow fix [RedDwarf].
  • (Launcher) Support modified database layout format.
  • (Launcher) Added missing save disk image from distributions.
  • (Launcher) Updated translations: it [Speedvicio].

Version 1.3.18

  • Added option audio_buffer_target_bytes (defaults to 8192).
  • Reduced internal uae audio buffer from 1024 to 512 bytes.
  • Added logitech_r_precision_tm_gamepad_10_2_0_0_windows.conf [Paul].
  • (Launcher) Search field allows to search for multiple (AND-ed) terms.
  • (Launcher) Also index .adz files in the database.
  • (Launcher) Fixed bug where paths relative to Floppies dir were not found by the launcher.

Version 1.3.17

  • (Launcher) Also index .adz files in the database.
  • (Launcher) Automatically add blank save floppy to floppy image list.
  • (Launcher) Create separate state dir for each configuration and store save states, floppy overlays and flash memory in this directory.
  • (Launcher) Save WHDLoad-zip file changes to state dir (and copy back next time the game is run).
  • (Launcher) Copy floppy images to temporary directory before starting FS-UAE.
  • (Launcher) Delete temporary files when FS-UAE is done running.
  • (Launcher) Automatically copy kick34005.A500, kick40068.A1200 and kick40068.A4000 to HD dir (if found in scan database, and decrypting if necessary) when starting WHDLoad game.
  • (Launcher) Added action_activate_cartridge (key mapping).
  • (Launcher) Load per-config theme automatically if found.

Version 1.3.16

  • Correctly respect end_config option (missing return statement).
  • Updated Makefile so libfsemu/Makefile is run also when libfsemu.a is already built (in case libfsemu source has changed).
  • Use AROS builtin rom if kickstart_file is set to “internal”.
  • (Launcher) Remember window maximized state.
  • (Launcher) On Linux, default to ~ if XDG user dir DOCUMENTS is not set.
  • (Launcher) Moved joystick settings button to new settings dialog.
  • (Launcher) Moved input options “More” button to config group.
  • (Launcher) Fixed startup problem if default locale is None.
  • (Launcher) Preferred joystick setting did not work after launcher restart on Windows because of a trailing carriage return character.
  • (Launcher) Purge old (non-existing) file entries when scanning for files.
  • (Launcher) Changed default kickstarts so kickstarts corresponding to those available from Cloanto is preferred (either encrypted or decrypted).
  • (Launcher) Calculate decrypted sha1 from Cloanto ROMs when scanning.
  • (Launcher) New paged settings dialog.
  • (Launcher) Moved preferred joysticks setting to new settings dialog.
  • (Launcher) Allow selecting internal kickstart in addition to default/custom.
  • (Launcher) Open a larger window by default if the screen is big enough.
  • (Launcher) Allow local custom options via new config dialog.
  • (Launcher) Merge hardware dialog into new config dialog.
  • (Launcher) Added GUI widget for WHDLoad arguments.
  • (Launcher) Add controls for (simple) hard drive configuration.
  • (Launcher) Also look for WHDLoad base hd directory in FS-UAE dir.
  • (Launcher) Write “uae-configuration SPC_QUIT 1″ to end of User-Startup when running WHDLoad game.
  • (Launcher) Show game cover if available (along with game and variant name).
  • (Launcher) Also save key, value pairs prefix with # in custom settings.
  • (Launcher) Added checksum for decrypted CD32 ROM.
  • (Launcher) Updated translations: it [Speedvicio].

Version 1.3.15

  • Render subtitle (displayed after title) with translucent font.
  • (Launcher) Allow custom options via settings dialog.
  • (Launcher) Launcher now instructs FS-UAE to ignore Host.fs-uae – set custom options in settings dialog instead.
  • (Launcher) Support running zipped WHDLoad games.
  • (Launcher) Show up to five screenshots + title shot.
  • (Launcher) Support creating automatic configurations for games based on local files and game definition database.
  • (Launcher) Add support for CDTV and CD32 models.
  • (Launcher) Added tooltips for icon buttons and some other elements.
  • (Launcher) Add CD-ROMs dialog.
  • (Launcher) Change main floppy selectors into removable media selectors.
  • (Launcher) Selectors for preferred joysticks.
  • (Launcher) Implement new XML format for game and config definitions.
  • (Launcher) Scan and store checksum for floppy images in database.
  • (Launcher) Support XDG user dirs (requires xdg-user-dir executable).
  • (Launcher) Some more use of icons and icon buttons.
  • (Launcher) Changed .desktop categories to Game;Emulator;
  • (Launcher) Updated translations: fr [Foul].
  • (Launcher) Added translations: de [nexusle], it [Speedvicio].

Version 1.3.14

  • (Launcher) Add window icon for Windows.
  • (Launcher) Added translation infrastructure.
  • (Launcher) Added translations: fr, nb.
  • (Launcher) Fix an erroneous error message when starting with a custom kickstart ROM.
  • (Launcher) Install README, license and icons when building debs.
  • (Launcher) Install .desktop file for Linux (entry in programs menu).

Version 1.3.13

  • Show on-screen message when saving screenshot.
  • Smooth fade on quit also in vsync mode.
  • Conditionally add OF macro to fix compilation of unzip on Gentoo [jopadan].
  • Alter keycode mapping on Linux to make it work with both evdev and kdb Xorg drivers, and not just evdev mappings [AndrewKanaber].
  • (Launcher) Remember last used options and settings.
  • (Launcher) Configuration browser with search-as-you type.
  • (Launcher) Display screenshots for selected configuration (if found in specific dirs).
  • (Launcher) Save scanned configurations in a database.
  • (Launcher) Scan dialog shows identified kickstarts.
  • (Launcher) Some GUI reorganization / updates related to the introduction of the new configurations panel.
  • (Launcher) New hardware dialog where kickstart can be overridden.
  • (Launcher) New input dialog where parallel joystick ports can be configured.
  • (Launcher) Correctly blank out the rest of the drives when multi-selecting less than 4 floppies.
  • (Launcher) Spec file for building RPMs of the launcher is added.

Version 1.3.12

  • Fix framewait and make RTG work again (problem introduced in 1.3.11).

Version 1.3.11

  • Log to log file when configuration is changed with uae-configuration.
  • Change framewait, so change from fastest possible -> cycle exact works again.
  • Also compile libfsemu with _FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64.
  • 32-bit versions of fs-uae should now be able to open hdf files > 4GB.
  • (Launcher) Re-enable joystick config (now running in separate process).

Version 1.3.10

  • Properly close hdf file stream in hdf_close_target function.
  • Compile with _FILE_OFFSET_64_BIT defined.
  • Use 64-bit ftell/fseek functions for hdf support where available.
  • Call fflush(NULL) to flush other remaining file streams on exit, if any.
  • Less video latency in full sync mode, but also requires a more powerful computer for smooth scrolling. Use new option low_latency_vsync to enable.
  • Can alternatively specify path to theme folder with theme option.
  • Warn when using deprecated SUPER model. Use A4000/040 instead.
  • Use simplified framewait function in custom.cpp.
  • Merged WinUAE 2.4.2beta2 + compatibility patch.
  • Fixed a RTG screen mode change crash (pointer to resized buffer not set correctly).
  • Disabled OpenGL debug checking, which was accidentally enabled in the latest development releases.
  • fs-uae can be started with –list-joysticks to just print names of connected joysticks to stdout and then exit.
  • (Launcher) Automatically set amiga joystick port mode when selecting host device.
  • (Launcher) Clear (rest of) floppy image list when multi-selecting floppies.
  • (Launcher) Automatically select first joystick for input port 1 if a joystick is connected.
  • (Launcher) Add window/fullscreen mode selector.
  • (Launcher) Replaced some text buttons with bitmap buttons.
  • (Launcher) Detect connected joysticks by running fs-uae –list-joysticks.
  • (Launcher) Removed joystick configuration from launcher (for now) due to a pygame / wxpython conflict.

Version 1.3.9

  • Fixed a crash due to row map not being updated when reallocating larger buffer after RTG screen mode change.
  • Added keyboard emulation for CD32 gamepad -Cursors, Rctrl/Ralt (red), C (red), X (blue), D (Green), S (Yellow), Z (Rewind), A (Forward), Return (Play))
  • Do not automatically unpause when exiting menu mode.
  • Show overlay icon when emulator is paused.
  • Do not automatically grab/ungrab input when pausing/resuming.
  • Automatically focus on the last used save state slot (in this session) when entering the save state menu.
  • Automatically focus on the current floppy image when entering floppy image list.
  • (Launcher) Function to scan for kickstarts, and automatically select kickstart based on Amiga model.
  • (Launcher) More Amiga models added.
  • (Launcher) Changed GUI in preparation for more features.
  • (Launcher) Added clear button to remove floppy from drive.
  • (Launcher) Integrated joystick configuration tool.
  • (Launcher) Can select multiple floppies at a time and auto-fill drives and floppy list.

Version 1.3.8

  • New option “theme” to specify the name of the theme to load.
  • New option “texture_filter” to force nearest filter (for pixel-perfect mapping in combination with scaling options).
  • Themes can override sidebar background images.
  • Themes can override menu icons (close, volume, etc).
  • Themes can override bitmap fonts.
  • Themes can include overlay images (with position) to display when floppy drives have activity (when floppy drive led is enabled).
  • Themes can include overlay images (with position) to display when floppy drives have disks inserted.
  • Option to override background colors.
  • Option to to menu text color (headings and normal items).
  • Ability to specify an overlay image (such as the one created by Ambermoon).
  • Themes can also set FS-UAE options such as shaders and scaling option, for instance useful to set scaling options to make the screen fit an overlay.
  • Theme config options can also be specified in regular config files.
  • Specify custom images and positions for on-screen leds (for floppy leds etc).
  • Also read themes from Documents/FS-UAE/Themes, so it is easier to install / unpack custom themes not bundled with FS-UAE.
  • New bundled example theme: ubuntu_12_04 (colors to match Ubuntu theme).
  • New bundled example theme: 2x_1920_1080 (for pixel-perfect mapping at 1080p).
  • New bundled example theme: and 2x_1920_1080_bezel (same with simple bezel).

Version 1.3.7

  • Fixed an input event offset problem causing soft reset to be interpreted as quit and disk swapping to be off by one (1.3.4).
  • Merged WinUAE 2.4.2beta1 + FS-UAE compatibility patch.
  • Patches to respect CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS/LDFLAGS and compilation tools from environment, courtesy of Philantrop.

Version 1.3.6

  • Recreate OpenGL state when resizing window on Mac OS X.

Version 1.3.5

  • Compile with JIT on x86 (32-bit) platforms.
  • Compiling with -fpermissive (for now).
  • Always set comp_trust* to indirect by default.
  • Compile with NATMEM_OFFSET defined.
  • Ported JIT code from WinUAE, E-UAE and PUAE.

Version 1.3.4

  • Merged code from WinUAE 2.4.1.
  • Updated translations: it, sr.
  • Added new bitmap font characters needed for Italian.
  • Removed libcapsimage from fs-uae deb file (can be installed separately as package libfs-capsimage4).
  • Removed libcapsimage from the source distribution (due to potential license issues, makes fs-uae package more suitable for inclusion in Linux distributions, etc).
  • Tweaked the appearance of some bitmap font characters, especially Z.
  • Make sure rom.key is loaded before scanning for roms.

Version 1.3.3

  • Use local host file time for file time with mounted virtual hard drives, should fix icon visibility problem with WB 1.3 and mounted directories.
  • Included genblitter patch from Mustafa ‘GnoStiC’ TUFAN.
  • Build x86_64 version on x86_64 Mac unless arch=i386 arg is given to Makefile .
  • Added Serbian translation (courtesy of EAB user Milanchez).
  • Updated translations: fr, de.
  • Fixed missing translation of KEYBOARD and MOUSE in one setting.
  • Replace RIGHT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK (U+2019) with apostrophe when rendering text with bitmap font.
  • Updated viewport hack for standard Workbench 2.04 screen
  • Cleaned up source code to make diffs against WinUAE shorter and cleaner,
  • FS-UAE-specific code is now properly guarded by ifdefs.
  • Show a notice when using F11 key in RTG mode.

Version 1.3.2

  • Fixed crash on Mac when saving state with mounted folder.
  • New option “zoom” to set the initial zoom mode (“F11 mode”).
  • New eject menu option for floppies (CD coming later).
  • Fixed bug where a wrong disk was disabled (when inserted) in the floppy image list.
  • New boolean option “localization” can be set to 0 if you want to disable translations.
  • Updated translations: it.
  • Added Polish characters to the bitmap font.
  • Added Polish translation (courtesy of EAB user olesio).
  • Extend the simple bitmap font format to include the first 512 unicode characters.
  • Bundled additional shaders: hq2x, scale2x (best with line_doubling=0 and/or low_resolution=1, depending on actual game resolution).
  • New options boolean options “low_resolution”, and “line_doubling” to force low-res low-res pixels and disable line doubling) (F11 zoom modes and aspect correction does not work properly in combination with these yet).

Version 1.3.1

  • Added several common western european characters to bitmap font.
  • Added German translation courtesy of EAB user nexusle.
  • Added Italian translation courtesy of EAB user Speedvicio.Added French translation courtesy of EAB user Foul.
  • Added some bundled (open-source) shaders: crt, curvature, scanline-3x, heavybloom, simplebloom, edge-detection, lanczos-6tap.
  • The new “shader” option can now be used to both specify paths to external shader file, or it can name a bundled shader.
  • Marked text in GUI menu entries for translation.
  • Added internationalization infrastructure.

Version 1.3.0

  • Support XML shader spec 1.1.
  • New scaling options (scale_x, scale_y, align_x, align_y), makes it possible to get 1:1 pixel mapping (or 2:1 etc) for your LCD display.
  • Write OpenAL debug information to log file on startup.

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