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  2. Total noob here 🙂
    I’m comfortable in the windows environment but would like to run the Linux version of FS-UAE. I have installed a version of Mint (18.?) because I have tried it in the past and liked it, currently running updates on the current installation.org

    Found a link at Flathub.org and it installed 3.0 version but the current version is 3.0.3 and I would like to update to that version before I start making the necessary changes and setting up the emulator. Any chance there is an easy to understand, step by step instruction somewhere? Video is nice but sometimes the instructions go by too fast for a new person jumping into this os.

    Thanks for any help that can be provided.
    PS: (Not scared to enter commands in the terminal.)

      • Hi FrodeSolheim,
        I’m sitting here in front of my Raspian Desktop. I’ve made a compile of the Version 3.0.2 of fs-uae and of fs-uae-laucher from the Sources on GitHub for this Little – BIG Arm based Computer. This is done well. The program is running in a aceptable Speed with a 68EC040 CPU and UAEGFX (Picasso96).
        I’ve done this to make try to use the new MIDI-abilities on this new Version, because I’m the “BarsnPipes-men” (www.alfred-j-faust.de), and would like to see my beloved Multimedia-MIDI-sequencer BarsnPipes – the best Multimedia-MIDI-sequencer ever made for a Computer-system. But what is a MIDI-sequencer without MIDI-Transmission ??? I#ve had no success
        Maybe you can help me to Setup the System. Means: to Setup the Serial_port for MIDI.
        Kindly regards, Alfred

        • Hi, there is no MIDI support in v3.0.3 – that’s only a minor bug-fix release. The MIDI support has been merged into the master branch and will be included in upcoming development releases.

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