FS-UAE 2.3.5dev Released

A new development version has been released. Changes in FS-UAE 2.3.5dev:

  • Can open block devices as HDF files on OpenBSD [Edd Barrett / vext01].
  • Full stereo separation by default (was 70%).
  • Use “enhanced” audio filter when Amiga model is A1200 or A4000.
  • Fixed bug where the new FPS led status would overwrite floppy drive leds.
  • (Launcher) Fixed a bug where new A500 configs could refuse to start because “kickstart was not found” (2.3.4).
  • (Launcher) Better support for .7z (where available), but very inefficient, works best for having a few ADFs in each .7z archive, not WHDLoad archives.
  • (Launcher) Can start WHDLoad slaves from archives where the slave is in the root directory and not in a sub-directory.
  • (Game Center) Create a log file in a similar manner as FS-UAE Launcher.
  • (Game Center) Added python-opengl, python-numpy as Debian dependencies.
  • (Game Center) Was missing from suite installer for Windows (fixed).

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