FS-UAE 2.3.4dev Released

A new development version has been released. Changes in FS-UAE 2.3.4dev:

  • Support for multiple mice using ManyMouse library by Ryan C. Gordon.
  • New theme bundled: led-bars-edge.
  • Support for some theme digit overlays (cylinder numbers, fps).
  • Initial code for input recording.
  • Fixed a bug when looking up executable path on Unix-like systems.
  • When quitting from fullscreen mode, move cursor to bottom right (so transitioning to a full-screen launcher looks nicer).
  • (Launcher) Support multiple mice.
  • (Launcher) Preference to show downloadable games or not.
  • (Launcher) Don’t try to to checksum OS X/*BSD device nodes [vext01].
  • (Launcher) Fixed bug when closing the config dialog.
  • (Launcher) Support 7z archives when the 7z program is found on PATH.
  • (Launcher) Joystick config tool works with devices having axes with negative or positive rest values.
  • (Launcher) Don’t display “Amiga” in game list, only other platform names.
  • (Launcher) More restructuring and smaller changes (no changelog…)
  • (Game Center) Only show locally available games.
  • (Game Center) Only preselect the highest rated variant from local variants.
  • (Game Center) Nicer transition to FS-UAE (remove/reduce cursor flickering).
  • (Game Center) Use LSUIPresentationMode 4 for bundled FS-UAE for seamless transition to FS-UAE on OS X.

Development releases in the 2.3.x series have not been announced on fs-uae.net before, mostly because there has been somequite a bit of code reorganization, and the earlier versions have been somewhat more in flux. Development has been going on since FS-UAE 2.2 was launched, and here follows the changes for the earlier unannounced development versions.

Changes in FS-UAE 2.3.3dev:

  • (Launcher) Don’t reload images when changing variants (and same images should be displayed for the new variant).
  • (Launcher) Show joy_emu_conflict from oagd.net in statusbar if applicable.
  • (Launcher) More QT port improvements, almost full-featured now.
  • (Game Center) Locate correct kickstart ROMs via file database.
  • (Game Center) Fixed possible bug in font rendering code.

Changes in FS-UAE 2.3.2dev:

  • (Launcher) Fixed bug when loading files from archive in a folder named #.
  • (Launcher) Fixed bug when automatically looking up Amiga Forever roms [2.3.1]
  • (Launcher) QT port improvements.
  • (Launcher) Misc bugfixes and minor improvements.

Changes in FS-UAE 2.3.1dev:

  • On windows, read file name (as program parameter) with MBCS encoding (CP_ACP) so paths with non-ASCII characters are handled correctly.
  • Windows executables are digitally signed by “Frode Solheim”.
  • New portable zip file distribution for Windows, “plus” zip file removed, and emulator-only zip exists still with _emulator.zip name.
  • Logs dir is moved into Cache/Logs/, log file renamed to Emulator.log.txt.
  • Always write shader log, in case there’s GLSL warnings, etc.
  • (Launcher) New status bar with info about num players, languages, web links, copy protection and warnings.
  • (Launcher) Game variants (from oagd.net) you don’t have are also displayed, but greyed out.
  • (Launcher) Buttons to rate game variants on oagd.net directly from UI.
  • (Launcher) Implemented cancel in launch FS-UAE progress dialog.
  • (Launcher) Only add Cloanto “Amiga Files” to search path if directory exists (Windows).
  • (Launcher) Fix slash direction in default search directory on Windows so it does not look weird.
  • (Launcher) More space-efficient screenshot and cover sizes/formats.
  • (Launcher) Internal code rewrite (in progress) to support code sharing with Game Center.
  • (Launcher) Only have start menu icon for FS-UAE Launcher by default.
  • (Launcher) Support new option x_hdinst_args.
  • (Launcher) Better support for portable directory, launcher settings can be saved in portable dir.
  • (Launcher) Non-Cache launcher data files moved to FS-UAE/Data.
  • (Launcher) Download cache dir moved to FS-UAE/Cache/Downloads.
  • (Launcher) Initial support for auto-downloadable games from oagd.net.
  • (Launcher) Initial support for auto-downloadable games from 3rd-party sites.
  • (Launcher) Initial support for manually downloadable games.
  • (Launcher) Moved local file index into its own database file.
  • (Launcher) Extract empty directories as well when extracting archives.
  • (Launcher) Fixed bug when specifying window_width / window_height in custom settings.
  • (Launcher) Partial support for Python 3.x.
  • (Launcher) Partial support for using the Launcher with QT toolkit.
  • (Launcher) Moved file database into its own separate database, also made the file rows more space efficient, and the checksum index smaller.
  • (Launcher) Removed support for old XML game database.
  • (Launcher) Ignore file extension case when checking floppy list from online database.
  • (Launcher) Handle some potentially invalid configs from online database more gracefully.
  • (Launcher) Updated translations: it [speedvicio].

Changes in FS-UAE 2.3.0dev:

  • Show on-screen warning if OpenAL device cannot be opened, log OpenAL error code.
  • New option save_state_compression can be used to disable save state compression.
  • New option “log” which can be used to enable misc types of debug logging.
  • Queued input events are processed in hsync handler.
  • Use CD32 + FMV quickstart for CD32 model, update cd.device in cartridge ROM fixes problem with Pirates Gold intro.
  • Removed a couple of left-over / unnecesary log statements.
  • Support language option to override GUI language.
  • New translations: tr [Decypher].
  • With video_sync = auto, allow some slack when deciding to enable full sync or not (accept host refresh rate 49 instead of just 50, ..).
  • New option: assume_refresh_rate (int) to manually specify host refresh rate when refresh rate detection fails. This option in combination with video_sync = auto effectively replaces video_sync = full. video_sync = full is now an alias for video_sync = auto.
  • Fixed bug causing FS-UAE to hang when pausing with video_sync = off.
  • New model CD32/FMV (includes FMV ROM), CD32 model reverted to original.
  • Fixed compatibility issues in scanline GLSL shaders.
  • (Launcher) Warn when using A1200 model with < 2 MB chip RAM.
  • (Launcher) Fixed a bug where 0-byte screenshot / covers files could be stored if a network error occurs while downloading.
  • (Launcher) Better support for A3000 and A4000 with the game database.
  • (Launcher) Support hiding variants from the database based on _status.
  • (Launcher) Cycle-exact can be disabled from database if abs. necessary.
  • (Launcher) Support language option to override GUI language.
  • (Launcher) New translations: tr [Decypher].

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      • No problem at all. Found it in the meantime and updated my build scripts for the upcoming stable 2.3 release. 🙂

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