FS-UAE 2.0.0beta1 Released

A new development version has been released. Changes in version 2.0.0beta1:

  • Don’t quit on parse error when parsing viewport option.
  • (Launcher) Show notification about new versions in the same series (stable or devel) as the installed version.
  • (Launcher) Added information panel to toolbar, currently used to show update notifications.
  • (Launcher) Fix path issue on Windows causing kickstarts to be scanned on every startup.
  • (Launcher) Updated downloadable WHDLoad version to 17.1.
  • (Launcher) Added tooltips to main window tabs.
  • (Launcher) Simplified default scan search path to just FS-UAE dir.
  • (Launcher) Implicitly add CD-ROM drive if CD image list is non-empty.
  • (Launcher) Automatically add CDs in drives to image list if list is empty.
  • (Launcher) Fixed bug when saving configurations.
  • (Launcher) Fixed type-ahead search bug in configuration list.

Please test this release (and following betas, if any) and report problems – especially serious problems!

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