FS-UAE 0.9.12 Released

Changes in version 0.9.12:

  • Configuration option to mount hard drive image/folder read only.
  • Fixed bug where emulation after pause ran too fast in non-full-sync-modes.
  • Added wisegroup_ltd/mp_8866_dual_usb_joypad.ini (courtesy of Foul).
  • Fixed a bug where large positive mouse movement became negative.
  • Event information is written to Synchronization.log during net play (this file can be quite large) -cannot be disabled yet.
  • Include slow memory in memory checksumming (chip + slow, now).
  • Replaced a busy-loop in net play with proper condition signal/wait, using significantly less CPU now.
  • Fixed a race condition in the net play server where input events could be sent to some clients out of order (with regard to frames). This would have caused desync when it occurred.
  • Fixed a bug in the net play server where input events could be sent to some clients before all clients were connected.
  • Detect refresh rate properly on Mac OS X.
  • Floppy swapping is performed synchronized in net play mode.
  • GUI Reset action can be used with net play.
  • Save state saving and restoring is now synchronized in net play mode.
  • Parallel port joystick emulation (joystick_port_2, joystick_port_3).
  • Reduced input lag in net play games.
  • Custom gamepad/joystick -> action mapping.
  • Custom keyboard -> action mapping.
  • Support mounting zip files as (read-only) volumes.
  • Read command line arguments earlier (fixes a Configurations dir issue).
  • Renamed “amiga_joystick” config value to “dummy joystick” (more descriptive).
  • Renamed “amiga_mouse” config value to “dummy mouse” (more descriptive).
  • Floppy speed setting was already implemented, but not documented.
  • Finally implemented the volume mute function for OpenAL.
  • Fix execute permissions for directories created on virtual file system.
  • Added support for Xbox 360 cabled controller.
  • Support new path prefixes: $app/ (directory containing executable (Windows) or .app bundle (Mac OS X), $exe/ (directory containing actual executable), and $fsuae/ (the base directory for files – defaults to My Documents/FS-UAE).

1 thought on “FS-UAE 0.9.12 Released

  1. Hi,
    just wanna thank you for the best Amiga Emulator in town. Using it on Mac OS X and it’s really working like a charm.
    Extremely fast, all programs are working and it’s the first Amiga emulator I know which has a easy handling of mouse, keyboard and joystick. And no longer cropped output !!

    Thank you again for your great work !!

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