FS-UAE 0.9.10 Released

Changes in version 0.9.10:

  • Scanline effect support (see example.conf).
  • New frame limiting logic in libfsemu.
  • Auto-grab input on mouse click.
  • Click middle-mouse button to release input grab.
  • Xbox 360 Wireless Controller configuration for Mac OS X (from Aequitas).
  • Updated configuration for Logitech Extreme 3D PRO.
  • Fix crash in Linux version caused by g_set_prgname not being called.
  • Log file is now saved to (My) Documents/FS-UAE/Logs/FS-UAE.log
  • Log file directory is configurable.
  • Multiple mice can be used (in net play) -useful for Lemmings.
  • New joystick port values: amiga_mouse, amiga_joystick and nothing.
  • Send protocol version and emulation core version to netplay server.
  • Fixed a bug where data were written to both floppy overlay files and original ADF files.
  • Fix A1200 model with accuracy < 1 (now runs in “fastest possible” mode, but cannot be used with full video sync).
  • Option bsdsocket_library to enable bsdsocket.library emulation (Mac/Linux only for now).
  • A1200/020 model with 0 MB Z3 RAM as default, but allows the option zorro_iii_memory to be used.
  • Serial port (dummy) emulation enabled, allows AROS kickstart to boot.
  • Fix bug related to path expansion and directories.
  • Unified configuration (config file and –key=value parameters). –key=value parameters overrides values from config file.
  • Section names are ignored in config file now (but key/values must still be in a section, for instance [config]). Old config files should still work as before.
  • Old –fullscreen parameter is no longer valid, use –fullscreen=1 instead
  • Support hard disk files in RDB format (same config option as regular HDF files – RDB format is automatically recognized).
  • Grabbing input on startup is optional (see example.conf).
  • Keys are now “positionally” mapped (as much as possible) from host keyboard to amiga keys (some exceptions because of physically different layout: home = lparen, page up = rparen, delete = del, end = help, insert is mapped to the amiga key to the left of backspace, and page down to right amiga key in case the host keyboard has no right windows/apple/menu key).
  • Use only scancodes on Linux, (and almost entirely on Mac too).
  • Use rawinput in Windows for keyboard support.
  • Make caps lock a proper toggle button.
  • Added an application icon.
  • fs-uae.app renamed to FS-UAE.app, fs-uae.exe is now FS-UAE.exe.
  • New config icon for Mac OS X.
  • Associate .fs-uae files with FS-UAE on Mac OS X.
  • Can override controller configurations by placing configs files in new
  • FS-UAE/Controllers directory (+ option to configure this directory).
  • New configuration option: audio/floppy_drive_volume
  • New configuration option: paths/base_dir
  • Ported updated caps code from WinUAE.
  • NTSC mode added (see example.conf) -was really added in 0.9.8, but omitted from changelog.

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