FS-UAE 2.0 Release Notes

This is the release notes for FS-UAE 2.0 detailing the changes since FS-UAE 1.2.

Summary of Changes

  • No need to edit config files any more! A user-friendly configuration frontend, FS-UAE Launcher, is included.
  • Emulation core updated to WinUAE2.4.2beta1.
  • Many bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Support OpenGL shaders for post-processing special effects.
  • Added theming infrastructure. Downloadable themes are available.
  • GUI translation for several languages (English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian (Bokmål), Polish, and Serbian).
  • Added keyboard emulation for CD32 gamepad.
  • Support for hard drive images > 4GB.
  • JIT compilation is now available on some platforms.
  • Windows installer is now avaiable, and the Windows version does no longer require any other software packages to be installed.
  • Binaries are created for many more Linux distributions, and download repositories are available.
  • FS-UAE now compiles and runs on Mac OS X 10.5 (both x86 and PPC) and FreeBSD.
  • And many more changes (see the Changelog for details).

Updated Keyboard Shortcuts

F12 is now the new main modifier key (to avoid the problem where ctrl/shift key presses are sent to the Amiga before you press the additional shortcut key).

  • F12 (or Cmd+F12) -Enter/exit GUI.
  • F12+G or Middle mouse click – release input grab.
  • Alt+Tab (or Cmd+Tab) – switch to another window / release input grab.
  • F12+F (or Alt+Enter / Cmd+Enter) – toggle fullscreen mode.
  • F11 (or Cmd+F11) – cycle through zoom settings.
  • Shift + F11 – zoom out a bit (pad the viewport on all sides).

UAEgfx / Picasso 96

The new official option to enable the RTG card is:

uaegfx_card = 1


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