FS-UAE Amiga Emulator


Option: zoom

Description: "Zoom Amiga display (crop)"
Default: 692x540
Example: 640x512+border
Since: 1.3.2
Type: choice

This setting controls the initial mode for the F11 zoom key, which defaults
to auto. Valid values are (with or without +border):

Value: auto ("Auto")
       Viewport settings are only used in auto mode
Value: auto+border ("Auto + Border")
Value: full ("Full Frame")
       Show the full frame (not full zoom)
Value: 640x400
Value: 640x400+border ("640x400 + Border")
Value: 640x480
Value: 640x480+border ("640x480 + Border")
Value: 640x512
Value: 640x512+border ("640x512 + Border")
# Value: 704x520
Value: 692x540
Value: 704x540
Value: 704x566
Value: 724x566
Value: 720x568
Value: 720x576

The zoom settings has no effect while in RTG graphics mode ("Picasso 96").