FS-UAE Menu and Interface

Information about using the FS-UAE interface.


While running the emulator, you press F12 to enter and exit the FS-UAE menu. From here, you can load and save states, swap floppy disks and change input options.

On Mac OS X, you can use Cmd+F12 instead if the F12 triggers the OS X Dashboard or possibly even Fn+Cmd+F12 if the F-keys are used for special keys. For many laptop models, you need to press Fn+F12 or toggle the F-Lock key before you can use F12 alone.

With gamepads, you enter the menu either by using the dedicated “menu” button, if the gamepad has one, or you press and hold “start” and “select” at the same time (or equivalent buttons). You use the same key/button to dismiss the menu.

In the menu, you use the following keys for navigation:

  • Cursor keys
  • Enter (choose item, enter sub-menu)
  • Back-space (leave sub-menu)

With gamepads, you can use either the hat or the primary analog stick for navigation. You choose items and enter sub-menus with the “primary” button on the game pad. This is generally the “south” button on the right side of the controller. The back button is the “east” button (similar to the standard navigation on Xbox 360).

4 thoughts on “FS-UAE Menu and Interface

  1. So, this has been driving me a little bit mad. I’ve spent a few hours on what feels like it should be something simple. Using XB360 controller, none of the buttons bring up the menu, nor does any combination of buttons. Every single button is mapped to the joystick “fire” button.

    I tried to work around this by setting “action_menu” to “button_10” using the advanced tab in settings, and this works to bring up the menu, but the same button will not close the menu. I also cannot navigate the menu with the controller. I have tried to set both keyboard and amiga keys to the analog and d-pad but nothing just wants to work.

    I don’t know if this is a bug, or I’m missing something, but at this point it seems it will be much easier to just map keyboard keys to the controller directly using an external program like XPadder or AntiMicro. This solution would work, but since every single controller button is mapped to “Fire” on the emulated joystick, it will always be performing two actions (my assigned key, and fire) as I have not yet figured out how to unmap a button to any specific action.

    • Hi, the problem is that FS-UAE does not recognize your controller (as in, it does not know what button does what). The solution is to open FS-UAE Launcher settings -> Controllers, doubleclick on your controller, and map each button/axis there. After this it should work fine automatically 🙂

  2. I’m running fs-uae on a crouton chromebook (yakkety ubuntu). As such, I have no Fn key and no F12 key. I have F1 – F10. Is there a way to change the key binding for the fs-uae menu?

    • Fortunately yes. Add this to advanced settings in FS-UAE Launcher: keyboard_key_f10 = action_menu 🙂

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