Known Issues

This page lists some known issues with FS-UAE and/or FS-UAE Launcher.

Running Archived WHDLoad Games

In addition to FS-UAE not yet supporting file permissions/comments/times, the following issues can affect some games archived this way when run via FS-UAE Launcher:

  • Empty folders are currently not extracted (with the online database, this is not a problem).
  • Permission / comments / file times are not read from the archives (currently irrelevant).

CD-Based Games and Net Play

If you use a CD with a .cue file, only the checksum of the .cue file is checked, and the Launcher does not check that the other files are identical for players. Everything will still work, provided that everyone has exactly the same files.

CD-based games with CD audio may cause synchronization issues with the emulator, It is not tested, but it is a likely problem.

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