FS-UAE Launcher

FS-UAE Launcher running in KDE on Linux

FS-UAE Launcher is now available from the download page for all supported platforms, and is included in the main download packages for Windows and Mac OS X.

The functionality of FS-UAE Launcher will be documented better in the future, but for the most part it is easy to use and does not require much explanation!

FS-UAE Launcher Topics

The following pages have more in-depth documentation specific to FS-UAE Launcher:

Screenshots and Covers

FS-UAE Launcher supports displaying a cover, a title screen and a number of screenshots per game / configuration. The name and location of these images are determined from the name of the configuration.

If you have a configuration called Lotus Turbo Challenge 2, the cover will be found in:

Documents/FS-UAE/Covers/L/Lotus Turbo Challenge 2.jpg

or, if not found,

Documents/FS-UAE/Covers/L/Lotus Turbo Challenge 2.png

The title screen:

Documents/FS-UAE/Titles/L/Lotus Turbo Challenge 2.png

And the screenshots display in FS-UAE launcher are found in the directory Documents/FS-UAE/Screenshots:

Documents/FS-UAE/Screenshots/L/Lotus Turbo Challenge 2.png
Documents/FS-UAE/Screenshots/L/Lotus Turbo Challenge 2_2.png
Documents/FS-UAE/Screenshots/L/Lotus Turbo Challenge 2_3.png
Documents/FS-UAE/Screenshots/L/Lotus Turbo Challenge 2_4.png
Documents/FS-UAE/Screenshots/L/Lotus Turbo Challenge 2_5.png

If you have a left parenthesis in the configuration name, only the bit before the parenthesis will be used to look up the images. So for instance, images for Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 (WHDLoad) will also be found at exactly the same place as the above examples. If you want to distinguish two similar configurations, consider using square brackets instead, e.g. Elf [Ocean] and Elf [MicroValue].

If the game name starts with the words The or A, these words will be ignored when deciding on the directory letter. So the screenshots for A Cruise for a Corpse should be put in the C directory, and likewise, screenshots for The Manager should be put in the M directory.

37 thoughts on “FS-UAE Launcher

  1. I am looking for the Lattice C Compiler User’s Guide. Can I find it on-line anywhere? I am using FS-UAE emulator to return to programming graphics on the Amiga 1000 and need to refresh my memory on how to use LSE.

    Thanks for this important work.

  2. The function in fs-uae-launcher for showing files seems to remove the prefix “The ” when searching for Screenshots/Titles/Covers

    As example:
    in case you have a configuration named “The Manager” you will have to place the screen shots in the “M” section \Screenshots\M\The Manager.png
    or Documents/FS-UAE/Screenshots/M/The Manager.png

    The function also seems to ignore the *_0.png and *_1.png, so name the rest *_2.png, *_3.png, *_4.png, *_5.png

  3. Hi Frode,

    I can’t seem to get screenshots or covers to show for any games that I add myself. I have made the directories as Documents/FS-UAE/Screenshots/T/ and in there is a JPG called The Manager. The configuration file is also called The Manager but for some reason no images show.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks


    • Hi, Screenshots for The Manager must be placed under M. The and A are ignored at the beginning of game names.

  4. I just installed fs-uae-launcher. I can’t see any documentation as to how to start it. How do you use it?

    • You need to provide more information… -What operating system? How did you install it?

  5. Hi Frode,

    Is there a way to save a game database entry as a configuration file with FS-UAE Launcher 2.6.1?

    With previous version, I used to load a game from the game database, tweak some parameters (floppy speed, some joystick mappings…), and save it as a config file to benefit from the screenshots, weblinks etc. With 2.6.1, when I edit a game database entry, the UI do not show any save button.

    • Hi, I did remove this “mis-feature”, because it wasn’t really supposed to be a feature, it just “accidentally worked”. The reason is that some configurations from the online game database cannot be safely saved and used later. I can understand that you want to use this, but right now I don’t have a solution for it.

  6. Is it possible to view only games that have been marked as Personal Favourite, via the dropdown list at the top where the Game categories exists?

    • That’s the idea, but there isn’t any way to mark games as favorites yet! The star icon is for marking a variant is the favorite variant for *that game*. A favorite game function is coming later.

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