FS-UAE Amiga Emulator


Notes for Windows users

This document has some information specific to the Windows version of FS-UAE.


To ensure best and most stable performance, go to Control Panel, and in Power Options, change power plan to High performance (might be found under Show additional plans.

Amiga Forever

FS-UAE Launcher should automatically find Amiga kickstarts from Amiga Forever if you have that installed. If not, please report it. Remember that you may have to start the Amiga Forever Player at least one in order for the rom.key file to be written to disk.

OpenGL drivers

FS-UAE requires working and accelerated OpenGL drivers (it does not use DirectX/Direct3D). OpenGL drivers are usually bundled with the display drivers for your graphics card - so they should already be present on your system.

FS-UAE will start and run without hardware-accelerated drivers, but slowly and with parts of the user interface missing. You really need to have proper OpenGL display drivers for your card installed.

If you suspect problems with your OpenGL graphics driver, you can download and run GLView. This program will list information about your OpenGL driver and its capabilities, and can also run some tests. Reinstalling your display driver is also a good idea to try.

There has been reported a case where FS-UAE only starts briefly, with the window disappearing immediately after appear. The problem turned out to be an issue with the OpenGL drivers. The aforementioned GLView program didn't even start (aborted with a System.AccessViolationException error). A reinstall of current display drivers fixed the problem for both GLView and FS-UAE.

Conflicting software

The following software has been reported by users to cause problems for FS-UAE:

  • Trillian overlay - It has been reported that using FS-UAE with Trillian chat overlay can cause FS-UAE to crash. You should try to disable the Trillian overlay if that is the case.
  • Outpost Security Suite Pro 8.0 (4164.639.1856) might cause system to freeze when used with FS-UAE ("It’s just a matter of enabling 'Auto-Learn' mode just before running FS-UAE for the first time, and all will be fine" http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=69080).
  • Avast anti-virus has been reported to interfere with thumbnail downloads in FS-UAE Launcher, causing the downloader to "hang" on a thumbnail. The visible effect to the user is that thumbnails suddenly stop appearing and a launcher restart is needed to make thumbnails appear again. If you suspect Avast may be interfering, try disabling it before running FS-UAE Launcher and see if the problem goes away.